Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is Monday morning and I have just looked at Lew Rockwell dot Com. Three gun articles. That is a high percentage of reading for LRC to have up for just one day. Is Lew trying to tell us something? Is something gnawing at his psyche that he feels to tell us to get guns? And by us I do not mean preppers but I mean the normal people who read LRC. Lew is telling them in his own way to get ready. And they had better pay attention! I don't give much credence to the guy who says if you can only have one gun you ought to have a high capacity 9mm semi automatic pistol. I think that advice sucks. Big time. It is the advice of someone who is not out of town. It is the advice of someone who is not planning on GETTING out of town. It is the advice of someone who is going to stay in town during the bad times. But I guess if you can't get out of town, then if you stay the 9mm might be a good idea. Me, I would rather be walking down the road carrying my 12 gauge pump. No one will bother me or be alarmed in the slightest. Just part of farm life, you know. And you let a raider come in here and I will show you another part of farm life. It will be time for a dirt nap. And 00 Buck will get the job done and the raider put to bed. I do not fear looters and raiders where I live. Too many places to hide. Too many places to ambush. We are the Viet Cong here. It's our home and we know the way around. It is a comforting thing.

Sunday night meeting was pretty damn good, if you ask me. One man gave a good long talk that I enjoyed very much. In his talk he said that God was a scientist. He knows everything about all the planetary systems and the black holes and all that stuff. And his scientific power reaches down to viruses and germs and even subatomic particles. There is just nothing he does not know. And he is our Father and he is looking out for us and he has all the power in creation to get the job done. That will let a guy sleep soundly at night. To hell with the problems of the world. We can't stop any of it anyhow so let God handle the mess. He is very much up to the task. " I wound and I heal. I kill and I make alive. I life up my arm to heaven and say I LIVE FOREVER." Now that is the ultimate stud of creation. The SUPREME guy. And he likes us. And you can tell our enemies about that. Some preppers are all up in arms about fearing this and fearing that and I think a lot of it is a waste of time. We have our food, our guns and ammo, our medical stuff and our water, so what the hell? We can only do so much and God knows it. So be at peace. The scripture says, "After having done all, stand." I can go along with that. And sleep well at night too.

The weather is warm and mild. The bugs and flies are having a great time. I am a little bummed out by that but I can live through it. The wife is getting her car fixed today and that is a great idea. I don't know where she got the money and I am not going to ask her. She has her methods. I know some of them but sometimes it is best not to comment. She does well. But even her efficiency is not enough to get rid of these damn beetles. Old man Winter will have to take care of them. I will not miss them.

Nothing specific on the outcome of the G-20 meeting except to say that currency distortions due to trade imbalances will be under observation. But I take that to mean that the dollar will get hit on a daily basis. It is getting hit today, even getting close to 74 cent territory as Gold and stocks keep going up. The stocks are manipulated and the Gold has now broken free of price control. I don't think the US government has the clout to manipulate the Gold market any more. It would cost too much and the over night buying and selling would just erase what the fedgov managed to accomplish.

I am considering what it means to be a citizen of the world. It is a weighty subject. But we all have to get to that place sooner or later. You can't imprison a man for leaving a place of poverty and drought and going somewhere that he could work and feed his family. That would be a crime. But the gangbangers and the dope dealers must stay away. They make it messed up for everybody. We will get into this in another post. Stay alive.




Andrea said...

I had to laugh at the comment about a shotgun being part of country life. I remember being in high school, back in the early 90's when it wasn't unusual for boys to bring a rifle to school behind the seats of their trucks. While it was frowned upon, it was generally accepted that they were just going hunting after school. My, how times have changed.

My papaw was out of the hills of eastern Kentucky, and I remember as a little girl being taught to shoot and drive a standard stick. He said 'my girls' wouldn't be caught in a spot where they needed to shoot or drive and not be able to. I could do both by 13. I sure miss my Papaw.

Jacob Gittes said...

Hello Michael.
Well, I went up deer hunting with my brother... I hadn't done that in many many years. I won't say how many.
We saw lots and lots of deer, but no bucks. And they gave out very few "doe permits" up there this year. It was a tough winter, so I guess they had to let more of the females live this year to breed. Heard a buck, but he didn't come out. And the wolves are back... we found a buck that had been devoured by wolves in our woods.

On a brighter note, we bagged 5 ruffed grouse with our 20 gauges. I got the head at 30 yards. And I haven't done that in 10 years. So I guess that the practice in the city with my nice air rifle has paid it. It teaches you breath control and aim just as well as a "real" gun. I recommend it for you city preppers. Just make a backstop with two boards (at least - my Beeman rifle shot through a one inch board no problem with its 1000 ft/second pellets). Then practice and practice.

My brother, an avid hunter, seemed shocked that I got an absolute bulls-eye, center of the center, at 100 yards with his .308. So we "nerds" have a chance. I approached marksmanship scientifically this year, and it seems to have paid off. Don't anticipate the blast! I just pretend that there is no live cartridge in the gun, so I trick myself. Seems to work for me.

And I finally tested out my new Mosin. Surprisingly, she kicked less than the .308. And with the iron sights, was quite precise in my initial tests, so I'm gonna go ahead and put a scope on her. First shot, I looked away and pulled the trigger, aiming into the ground at the range (my brother and I were both a bit paranoid about a 66 year old Soviet WWII era piece - worried it might blow up or something, despite the fact that I'd taken it apart, inspected it, adjusted the firing pin, cleaned it, etc.). That FMJ round really sent the dirt flying about 15 feet into the air and seemed to freak out some of the people at the range.

Well, just wanted to check in. Folks up north didn't talk about collapse or troubles at all. It was surreal... a lot of the people up there are so poor already, I guess things won't change that much. Lots of small hard-scrabble subsistence farms. They're my future neighbors, and they seem ok, by and large. They sure know how to party, as we found out at the hunter's dance, at a local community hall. It just started to get going at 11 PM when we left... the old bucks (hunters) were really chasing those old does around the dance floor. We left before the fights started... wanted to get up early.

ErinAndBrad said...

I am so with you Michael - give me my .38 and my shotgun and I am ready for whatever comes to my door!!! Versatility I say!

Pete Smith said...

I don't like the idea of just one gun. Even if you live in the city. Guns are tools and just like the tools you use around your home. Each tool is used for a task and you would not use a hammer to put a wood screw into place. So why just have one gun? I would have to say if you can only have one gun a shotgun would be it, because it is the best all around gun.
And I think the dollar has see it's last days. It's not to far from being gone. The dollar has been pumped up for to long and it is going to pop, maybe before the end of this year.


Mayberry said...

Perhaps Lew is just feeling the pulse that seems to be radiating out from Freedom lovers. They don't like what's happening, and their anger swells. That "little" part in Queen Pelousy's health care tyranny bill about getting arrested for refusing to comply with unConstitutional mandates has raised a lot of hackles... The lines are being drawn, yet Congress continues to cross them without regard. Soon we will see more "Ruby Ridge" type events I think, as more and more folks have their backs against the wall....

Dragon said...

I agree totally with Mayberry on the Ruby Ridge scenarios playing out soon. That and I have no confidence in the whole oath keeper movement. Keep a weather eye one the sky as I've got a feeling and it's one I can't shake....That and it's worse than the "Science" that I post...My doomsday clock is set to half past now. Overdue.