Monday, November 23, 2009


I keep seeing the words "you're on your own" more and more these days. Well who the hell don't know that! The world is crumbling as we watch, the economic order is bankrupt, the policies of various governments have failed completely, hard core religionists are gaining strength and malice against their competitors in the religion business, political rivalries between nations are at an all time high, and like I said, "We are on our own." You sit in some out of the way spot trying to keep your head down and be safe. But it seems the madness is going to the four corners of the earth. It seems to want to engulf us all. It does not want to leave anyone out of the equation. You just want to be left alone and to grow your food and secure your clan or family but life seems to have other plans. This means that all people are going to be affected by this malaise. It's gonna touch everyone.

They are going to touch you with their disease through your wallet. Governments are wanting your wallet. That is their life blood. However much they can syphon out of you will strengthen them. That fact that it leaves you devastated doesn't mean a hole helluva lot to them. UCLA just raised their tuition by 32%. Didn't ask anyone's permission. They just did it. And the education system is like that. They are a bunch of socialists and they want money and that it is that. You are a member of the working, capitalistic class and they want to be supported. Your job is to get your ass to work and get the money for them. They do not go to the marketplace to make their money. They are above that, you know. They don't have to get their hands dirty like common people do. They are the educated class and they want to be served lots of life's benefits courtesy of your paycheck. And they get it.

But there are more bloodsuckers out there wanting their share of the pie. The Social Services people are always clamoring for more money. The people paying your unemployment are asking for a bunch. Your legislators are needing a raise. The pensions of the police and firemen and the schoolteachers are needing a big funding. The roads are in a terrible shape and the highway department is tapped out and needs more money. Never mind that when you go by their work there are 8 guys standing around watching one guy run a machine. There will be a song and dance telling you how necessary all these people are. And you do want your road fixed, don't you? The days of the concrete roads are over. Asphalt is king these days. Two years durability at the maximum. Then it is time to go take another big wad of tax money and begin the cycle again. The people are so ignorant of these things. They are asleep and unaware. The various governments have their syphon hose in your wallet and they are not going to let up.

What all of this means is you have a big red target printed over your wallet pocket and the government is taking aim with surety. The taxes and fines and fees and regulations are on the way. You had better be prepared and have plenty of food and guns and ammo and medicine because it is going to get rough. And you had better watch your mouth too. If people find out you have, and they don't, they will rationalize taking what you have from you. It does not matter if you have warned them dozens of times. They didn't get the message and they won't get it now. They will just take your stuff and go on about their ignorant lives. If you wonder about the callousness of your government workers just look at the rest of humanity. Are not most of them hardened against thinking outside the TV? They can't do it! What ever they are told is right is what they will believe. And you can believe that! You are the target and you are the prey. Be warned and be ready.

This government is out to break us. They want to break us down into good Marxist slaves. One of our guys recently bought a tract of timber on the local naval base. They have been selling timber over there for 50 years at least. And we have bought a lot of it. Hell, we live right next door to them. But the time of the environmental concern is upon us. It has been wet and the forestry guys do not want us to rut their woods. It's actually our woods but they think they own it. Do to the poor logging conditions we asked for an extension of the time allotted to cutting the timber. But the forestry guys at the naval base can't deal with us on that issue. We have to call an office in Chicago and ask a lady up there if we can have an extension. Of course the answer is no. They don't like loggers and sawmillers anyhow. The lady is probably a "community organizer" who has gotten a civil service job. They don't like the marketplace jobs, if you will remember. And these kind of practices are going on more and more as the "change: of Obama is heaped upon us without mercy. We'll get a change all right. Changed from a moderately free people into good government stooges. They will get after the guns and ammo next. If you do not like the government programs then you might be a terrorist and you shouldn't have a gun. Just ask old Rahm Emmanuel. He will tell you that you don't need a gun. He's another Chicago boy. Stay alive.



Andrea said...

Your post reminds me of yesterday's sermon called 'Lifeboat #4', talking about all the lifeboats on the Titanic that COULD have gone back for folks in the water but chose not to. In the trials that followed, several people testified to the bribing that went on in the lifeboats...basically the Blue Bloods bought their way out of trouble leaving the poor in the water to freeze to death. Things don't change much, do they?

PaleRider said...

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the seperate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the seperation"
United States Declaration of Independence July 4 1776.

It may be time to start from scratch, it appears we live in a dysfunctional state of the union, with a dysfunctional government, in a dysfunctional world.... where honor and ones' word or oath are no longer of value.

It appears that as you so stated we are "on our own" when, in the eyes of the powers to be on all levels from local all the way up to Washington,just view us as ignorant money making slaves to their visions of what all should be, and how we should "bow down to them" in awe as to "how wonderful they are for looking out for us and seeing we cause no harm to ourselves" while all along the are hoping we never notice that they have no tangable means of contributing to anything of real value to the daily meals other than words and more words and more words to oppress the will and minds of the working man and his family.

All of this "hot air" called legislation just so they can insure that they will be taken care of by the producers of this great land, in my humble oponion they are the truest of welfare bums on the public cuff.

ErinAndBrad said...

Think they want to keep pushing stuff at us so that we do rebel and they will have their war to fight right here. Seems as they like chaos.

Mayberry said...

And the sheeple march on, in a nice straight line, silently over the cliff, oblivious to the many exit ramps along the way. They wear their government issued blinders, just like they're told. Really, really sad....

To add to Andrea's comment, we need to get far away from that sinking ship or it will suck us down! We got to build our own lifeboats, out of anything that will float. And we got to do it quick...