Friday, November 20, 2009


Things are in the air. Lots of bad news about the flu in Ukraine. The trouble with that is the reporting by the media is not what we would expect. It is almost always unverifiable and borderline incoherent. So what are you going to believe? I will believe what the blogs tell me before I will believe the media. If this crap influenza is really breaking out in Ukraine then our media is guilty, once again, of not telling us what is going on. Where is Seymour Hersch when you need him? I don't know what is going on and so I prep the way I had intended to prep all along. I take all of my vitamins and pro-biotics and go right on with my life. You can't let them scare you to death. And God knows they try. FEAR. The great weapon of all governments. Get the people scared and you can get them to go along with about anything. And until just a short few years ago there was no county any better than the USA at getting the people into fear. But then Ruby Ridge and Waco came along, followed by Oklahoma City. Then shoot forward a few years and you get the 9-11 destruction and then Katrina, with the phony reasons for the wars in the Mideast thrown in for good measure. We are becoming hardened to fear anymore. Who believes the guys crying wolf anymore? You know they are lying. And like one guy at our Wednesday night meeting said, every government of every country is lying to it's citizens. Go to the four corners of the globe and governments are telling lies to their people. It is a universal activity. In reading George Ure at I found a listing for a doctor retracting the advice he gave a bunch of nurses It is really an eye opening video and it is a doctor. . And what does it talk about? It talks about the lies we are told. The doctor says the flu vaccine is dangerous and he personally will not take it. And the video goes on to show talking heads on the screen advising you to get the shot. Sick!

I especially liked the part about pregnant women. They are advised to not eat fish bought at the store because ocean fish are supposedly polluted with Mercury. But the flu vaccine has Mercury in it! What the hell? You take a beautiful, feminine woman that is pregnant and she is casting about trying to do the best for her unborn child. She dreams of a healthy baby and will do anything to insure that condition. And while she is told to not eat ocean fish bought at the store she gets told to take the flu shot. But we understand that a few billion dollars are riding on this vaccine and everything must be done to see that the money is recovered and a profit is made. It does not matter if the pregnant woman is endangered. What matters is the MONEY! I despise these people. I am not a doctor so do what you think is best. But I am not getting that shot. And that just reminded me to take my Elderberry Tincture for the day. Ughh... Tastes like shit or at least what my imagination conjures up about the taste of shit. But it beats the hell out of the flu vaccine, as far as I am concerned. So watch that video and pay attention to what they are trying to get across.

After you have finished the video, what do you believe now that the government is saying to you? Do you believe the money markets? Do you believe the stock markets? Do you believe that pissing in the ocean will raise the water along the shoreline? Could I sell you a bridge in New York City? The whole system is a HOAX. And it is that way all around the globe. People are getting lied to in every country on the planet. Governments will not tell you the truth no matter what. So what are we going to do?

We are going to prepare for disaster. We are going to prepare for an economic meltdown. We are going to prepare for a plague of some sort that will attack this country, along with others. And we have been getting ready and we will continue to get ready. Every chance we get we will take steps to protect our family and friends and ourselves. We have to keep everyone going if we are going to make it. We need people for the garden, for the guard stations, for meal making, for preschool, for building, for repair, etc., etc. There are a lot of areas to cover when the SHTF and we are going to need every friend we have. Don't doubt it. There will be plenty of jobs to go around. Young and old, sound and lame, all have a place in the new world that is coming. Everybody can do SOMETHING.

More tomorrow, so stay alive.



Andrea said...

Fear is a good thing, if it motivates us to act instead of immobilizing us, right? In large, fear has driven me over the past year to store food, plan, learn necessary skills. Fear isn't necessarily a bad thing. And if you go on the assumption that everything you're told is a lie, eventually you'll figure out the truth.

I worry for the children when/if the doo-doo hits the fan, but not my own specifically. I worry for the kids in the suburbs who've never known problems beyond which pair of Gap jeans best match their new puffy vest. (Yes, I know I shouldn't stereotype like that, but it is what it is.)

My kids are young, but knowledgeable, and have some idea about survival even if they don't recognize it. I just keep telling myself that all the gardening, hunting, bread-baking, DIY and food preservation isn't all for nought.

Chief Instructor said...

I will believe what the blogs tell me before I will believe the media.

Amen to that. I got my first dose of "WTF?" back in the Reagan Admin when they started messing with the "basket of products" that were used to determine inflation.

One of the products was steak. When the price of steak rose too much, they substituted it with hamburger. The government's rationale was that since steak was now unaffordable, people would buy hamburger, so the change merely reflected the goods people were now buying. What's the next substitution? Horse meat?

Obviously, this switch to burger LOWERED the reported inflation numbers even though the prices for the original products had gone up.

Every administration since then has done the same thing, and expanded the practice to include unemployment, money supply - well, pick a topic, and they've messed with the numbers.

Unknown said...

Anrea is right. A little paranoia is "hightened awareness."

Pete Smith said...

I agree fear can motivate us, but I know the sheeple and they will have paranoia and freak out and line up for the shot. I see it every night on the local news. Last night they had a free H1N1 shot site set up and the news was pushing it big time and the line was 1/2 mile long. You put the word free to something and people will line up for anything. Fear is a tool the NWO has and will continue to use to fool the sheeple.

laurie said...

Re: Taste of elderberry tincture - my gang can be a little hard to get all my 'concoctions" down, so I give them elderberry syrup - you just add honey to the vodka and berries. It makes it much more paletable for my guys.