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Some people talk about survivalism as if it is a mental problem. Something only for the paranoid and the fearful. Let us take a look at this and see if we can discover a flaw within ourselves.


Michael Rivero over at has couned almost 900 lies that this adminis6traton has told the public. We started out with compassionate conservatism. We also had a promise of less government intrusion. And it has gone on from there. We had lies told about Iraq's WMD. We listened with keen ears to the tales of Uranium supposedly coming from Niger. These days we get stories of Iran's involvement in the war in Iraq, while our partners in crime, the coalition of the willing, jump ship with amazing regularity. We watch while our enemies in China undermine our medicines and sell us shoddy goods. We know of China's willingness to censor the Internet, while we say nothing. We know of China's spy programs that will be ineffect at the Olympics. And we so nothing. Even when American hotels in China are being ordered to assist in the spying. We are under attack from foreign shores and I guess we must believe the words of Da Shrub. They hate us for our freedom.

Our government produced the PATRIOT ACT in record time after the incident of 9-11. Come to find out it had already been written and was just waiting for the opportune moment to be introduced as legislation. IT WAS ALREADY WRITTEN, FOLKS. YOU GOT THE PICTURE? We have had more foul legislation introduced and enacted by congress. Patriot II comes to mind. And the Miltary Comissions Act. And all the appropriations passed to finance our illegal war in Iraq. And now we are waiting for the bill to pass that will get our communications companies and ISP's off the hook for letting the fedgove spy on us illegally. And the President's ass is hanging out on this one. And so are some of his administration people. The Democrats are holding this one back to keep Bush a little bit humbled down. Ain't got a damn thing to do with YOUR rights, however. The subject of RIGHTS and PATRIOTISM have become the estate of the fedgov. YOUR rights and Patriotism just don't matter. But, like Ckaire Wolf said a few years ago, we are in that awkward stage right now. Claire knew a thing or three when she wrote that.

Our government, in the person of our President, has introduced signing statements to legislation passed by the congress. It is his way of telling the world how his administration will interpret things and how it intends to follow through on them.

And the legislative branch of this three-headed-hydra does nothing to stop this little Facist from stomping on our rights. You can forget the judicial branch. They have given so much power to the federal prosecutors that it is almost impossible to fight them back. They just keep suing you and suing you and suing you. The Liberty Six is going to trial for the third time. And they are just a bunch of blabber mouths who want to appear to be big time powers.

I think I have presented ample evidence that we must look askance at anything we hear from the fedgov. They simply are not to be trusted.


In January and February of 2006 the US government printed up an extra 2 trillion dollars in cash. Immediately thereafter the US Treasury stopped reporting the amount of actual cash we had in circulation. Amazing. Simply amazing. And we wonder why the price of oil has gone up? Do you really wonder why the price of oil has gone up? Has the price of oil merely stayed the same but the forces of fiat money have driven the dollar figure higher? Has the fact that most of our dollars are now off-shore got anything to do with higher oil prices? Hell. Aint' none of those trillions of dollars coming into the house of Michael! I reckon Exxon-Mobile gets a few billion. And a few friends of the administration in the defense industry get a few billion also. But neither me or my small circle of friends seem to be getting any richer. Funniest damn thing! So are we off the mark in thinking the money is queer?

I think it might be true and wise to look askance at the money. After all, the folks who sell us oil are sure looking at it with a jaundiced eye! At this point in time the money is in the tank. One excellent prepper I know gets paid for all his work by the day and spends it immediatly because it probably won't be worth as much the next day. And I am sure you read about the price increases found by one of the readers and reported to us. And a reader gets asked by another person if we have already entered SHTF. Anyone want to tackle that one? It is a valid question. Go ahead and answer it.


First question here is to ask for a show of hands and find someone who believes anything they say. They are in the hip pocket of the globalists. It's a done deal. Like that editor said in the move BORDERTOWN, the subject at hand is always government, NAFTA, and entertainment. The media has no credentials any longer. They have slipped into total whoredom. It is no longer reasonable to discuss the media. 'Nuff said.


I am sure you read the post sent in about the prices of beans and rice just this week. Everything is going up in price. Except the amount of money my household is bringing in. Now, if I was getting 10% or 20% more money every week or month I could say to be calm and all that jazz. But that ain't the case. And it don't look like it is going to be the case. I am trying to buy more with less and less actual money. It might be the same dollar amount I got a year ago but dollar amount and dollar value are two different things. And it ain't going to affect the most pampered and protected person in our midst, the President. Talk about financial freedom! No food costs. No labor bills for all those servants. No fuel cost for all those vehicles and aircraft. No personal cost in having the US Air Force patrol the skies over your living quarters 24 X 365. No electric bills to pay. No medical insurance to buy. And $400,000 a year salary. MERCY!

And the President says we have had a little slowdown but he thinks it is nothing and we will pick right back up. I guess someone on the public tit doesn't see things like the rest of us do. My gasoline cost generally limits me to one trip a month to town. That is when I haul our trash and maybe buy some preps. I just can't affod to drive very much more than that. And the Handmaiden gripes about the food prices just about anytime I ask here about them. The bulk of my income goes for food and electric and my truck payment. We might be able to pay the damn truck off in a year and a few months with any luck. Sure would be nice to keep my horse even if I can't ride around in it.

The crowning glory of our cost of living is the fact that the fedgov does not entertain the price of fuel and food in the cost of living figures because those prices are too volatile to consider. Since when do I get to claim volatility when I don't like paying anything I must buy? When do I get to claim volatility to deny paying over $2 a gallon for gasoline? When rice and beans went up drastically in the last four months when could I get to claim volatility and pay the old price? Volatility don't spend! The victim of this so called volatility does the spending! How can anyone sweep the cost of staying alive to the public under the rug and deny it's existance because of volatility? Kiss me where the Sun don't shine! I'll tell the fedgov in a heartbeat what they can do with their volatility!

So are we crazy for prepping and espousing survivalism? It would hardly seem reasonable to NOT espouse these things. Everything we have to go on is giving us a negative report. Oh! The mainstream media, what I call the corporate media, has bragged that electronic stuff has not gone up in price. Ain't that sweet? I'll tell the Handmaiden to tenderize me some transistors for supper tonight. She will probably serve the dish on a bed of hot, steaming resistors. Praise God.



Don't worry, I plan to get the hell out of Corpus Christi if need be. I had planned on finding a place along the Guadalupe river in the vicinity of Cuero, TX. The Guadalupe is one of those "mean flowing" spring fed rivers you spoke of. Cuero is off the beaten path from any direction, but is close enough to Victoria for supplies/ emergencies. Victoria has a population of about 63,000, so it isn't too big. No real "hills and hollers" there, but it is surrounded by ranchland with lotsa thick brush. Good soil for growing too. That's why I ruled out a Texas Hill Country location, the soil's way too rocky. You could definitely hide up there though, and it'd be hard to get at you on anything other than horseback or by foot. But getting through the brushland near Cuero would be no easy feat either. Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio? Kinda cold up there ain't it? In rural Texas, you have the benefit of being surrounded by Texans. Real Texans with lots of guns and ammo. We take care of our own, we help our neighbors, and we don't take no crap. We hunt, we fish, we farm, we raise livestock. When SHTF, not much will change in rural Texas besides the lights going out. That's my thinking anyway. Take care.



The Chinese government has secretly built an underground nuclear submarine base in the South China Sea, posing a new threat to powers in the region, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Satellite photos of the base obtained by FOX News show a large harbor and massive tunnels that defense experts say could shelter as many as 20 nuclear subs, according to the Telegraph.

The base, centrally located along a major sea route and just a few hundred miles from neighbors, may pose a threat to U.S. naval dominance of the region.

Analysts for Jane's Intelligence Review, a defense magazine, said that the secret base could allow Chinese subs to "break out to launch locations closer to the U.S.," according to the Telegraph. The base has immediate access to very deep waters, which would make launched submarines very difficult to detect.

The Defense Department has estimated that by 2010 China will have five operational 094-class nuclear submarines capable of carrying 12 nuclear missiles each, the paper reported.

Some military analysts believe this secret build-up of forces by the Chinese government is speeding up even as it presents a far different face in public as it prepares for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the newspaper reported.

Michael sez: Winston Churchill said that the was no such thing as coincidence in politics. I was looking at pictures of this sub base over a year ago. Even underwater pictures. The base is accesssed from underwater and the subs go though a tunnel like system to get on into the base itself. Now if some redneck down in southern Indiana knows about this stuff what the hell is the media starting to bring it out for? Just remember, there ain't no coincidences. They (the powers that be) WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT. They have known about it for a long time. You don't go hiding nuclear sub bases from the world.



Remember a couple of years ago how the FDA warned Americans not to buy prescription drugs from Canada because they might be "contaminated by terrorists?" I'm not making that up: That was the official announcement of an FDA spokesperson, and it was part of their fear strategy for enforcing a monopoly on U.S. consumers so that Big Pharma could continue engaging in rampant price fixing.

The implication in that warning is that drugs purchased in the United States are therefore safer, correct? What the FDA didn't tell anyone, however, is that most pharmaceuticals purchased in the United States are manufactured outside the U.S.; many from China or Puerto Rico. So they're not even made in the U.S. anyway, and drug companies are simply importing them from other countries just like a consumer might do if she drove across the border and bought her medications in Canada or Mexico.

Sooooooooooooooooo lemme see if I have this. We are not allowed to drive up to Canada to buy cheap prescription medicines because they might not be as safe as the far more expensive medicines sold in US pharmacies ... which turn out to be contaminated imports? (Staying alive wishes to thank What Really Happened for this timely article.)



Hey GL, here's what I did today:

The fact that I did all this in the rain makes me feel nicely virtuous. :)

Today went out to get some horsetail that I saw yesterday on the other side of our pond--growing up the hillside behind Camelot’s shed. Tons of the stuff there. I also noticed some poison ivy over there, which I hope to hell I managed to avoid!

Here’s some info on Horsetail: it's an ancient plant. Has been used medicinally since Roman/Greek times. Good for urinary system (it has diuretic properties--excretion of urine). Good for bones (prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density). Also can be applied externally for burns, fractures, Rheumatic conditions, sprains and wounds. I’ll dry this and then either make a tea or an tincture.

Next I went looking for mullein, which likes to grow on the sides of ditches and on road banks. Found lots of healthy plants on the hill leading up to Godson’s place. Mullein is used primarily for coughs--the leaves can be dried and smoked, or use as a tea. For the chemists out there, mullein tea provides vitamins B2, B5, B12, & D, choline, herperidin, PABA, sulfur, magnesium, mucilage, saponins, and other active substances. I’ll dry all of the mullein and keep it for next winter if we have any problems with our lungs.

At painting class I had noticed some large-ish violets growing by the school. So I went over to grab some of them. Violet leaves and flowers are very good for you--high in vitamin C and potassium. Can eat the leaves raw in a salad or cooked slightly. Got a whole bunch of them.

While I was over there it rained hard, so I ducked under some cover. There I found some terrific dandelions--long vibrant leaves! So I nabbed them too. The dandelions I’ll cook as a green (probably changing the water a few times because they do get bitter). I’ll keep the water I drain off--even though it is bitter, it will have all the water-soluable vitamins from the greens. Can use it in other herbal teas, probably with some honey to sweeten. Handmaiden.

Stay alive.


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