Sunday, May 18, 2008


It has been a good day. I got 10 rows of open pollinated corn in the ground. I have enough seed to plant another three or four. Good preps if things turn nasty on the food market. Some other gardeners were down putting plants and seed into the ground. I try to tell the story of corn and beans to as many as will listen. The Old Man told one of the brothers that most of the people were sheep. And that is no disgrace. The Elder Brother told Peter THREE times to "FEED MY SHEEP." And if God has the Elder Brother say that, then we better look after it. I will do my best.

We had a big community breakfast this morning and the ladies had a Women's Meeting. I was much more interested in the breakfast. But we have a convention coming up in June and the women want to get ready for it. Can't say as how I blame them for wanting to get things done before they are under the gun, so to speak. We have some damn good women here. They can take care of business. That convention will come off without a hitch.

We have not had any rain since Thursday but the computer says we will get it tomorrow. If it ain't too bad I can always set tomato plants. You don't have to worry about the seed getting floated out. We still have shell-outs and onions to do after the corn. The wife will plant a salad patch to supplement her foraging. She rsan into a Bazillion Nettles this afternoon and we will be having them for quite a while. I love nettles in my tea. So good. And good for you. A good tea mixture I like is Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, and Nettle leaves. Wondermous.

I've been reading about the worlds troubles some more today. Man! They never run out of negativity. The news is full of people running other people down. I generally don't run people down except to admonish them to prep when they aren't. Things don't look too good out there folks. And I want to eat this next year! We could skate on the electic but that food is a little more essential than the wattage. You can't eat house current.

China is having quite a deal with the effects of the big earthquake they had. There has been some heroism and some horible tragedies. But the government seems to be fully engaged in the effort to help everybody and I like that. After all, the people pay the taxes and they ought to get the help.

It's Sunday eveniong and I am getting ready to go to meeting. It is the highlight of the week for me. I like to hear the words of God spoken by my brothers and sisters. It helps me get through the week ahead.

Be at peace and stay alive.



gott_cha said...

lately the news has been more on Israel's 60th. with Burma and the China quake pushed to the back pages.

Our Zionist owned media would rather you celebrate a birthday than worry about some poor helpless folks in Asia.

The media has always lauded Israel's accomplishments and has been quick to headline palestinian rocket attacks against her.
Many are the scenes of youths out in the streets throwing rocks at tanks in effort to prove how determined those folk are to wipe Israel off the map.
Almost nothing is told about how Israel has from day 1 been the aggressor against the peoples of Palestine. Their atrocities are covered up. These democratic "friends" of ours spy on us,...extort us,..refuse to follow any U.N. mandates, continue their little wars of genocide...and have steadily built a nuclear arsenal while screaming death to others in the region for even wanting those same weapons. An Amerika with its nazi church salutes them.

Ah,..but they are our friends!!
They demand their blackmail money from us now in euros,..not greenbacks. Geesh!

I had an Uncle killed on the u.s.s. Liberty by these friends of ours.

Friends????? I dont think so!

(for any who doesn't know about the "LIBERTY",..check it out on the web, will make blood shoot from your eyes!!)
From what I have read in the scriptures, Jesus told us to go and spread the "good news" of the Kingdom,..and be peace makers and a light of liberty to all men and nations,.......which verse did HE say "go and bomb,..go and kill". I thought HE said do good to men?
anyway_________________If you send tanks to roll thru my house,...if you build a wall then cut of power, water and food to my family,if you bomb my child's school and then shoot him for throwing a rock at you Tank,...
I would launch 1,000 rockets at you if I had them!!!!!and I'd want you wiped from the face of the earth too!

Seems that the Chinese Govt. is doing a fantastic job as compared to FEMA's efforts or lack of during Katrina.

As far as Burma,...I havent decided what thats all about yet,...but I can assume they are fearful of the all powerful and mighty U.S. Govt.,...seems other countries are having no problems getting aide into the area

Ryan said...

The doom and gloom can get to be a bit much.