Saturday, May 10, 2008


The Handmaiden just got back from her ususal Saturday morning shopping. She always goes to the Amish and then shops her way home. She stopped in a small town that had a low cost food market. It's a small town with most of the local businesses gone. Not much of a payrole in that town. A lotta drug dealers and cops in the area.

She went to this cut-rate store and found 5 pound bags of rice for $8. That is $1.60a pound. Plain old white rice. She found 2 pound bags of Pinto Beans for $2.89 a bag. That is $1.45 a pound. With the beans you got a small envelope of chemicals that made the beans taste like they had been cooked with pork. Prices are definitely going up!

ChinaMart still has rice for 40 cents a pound. BUY IT!

Stay alive.



Ryan said...

The week before last I got 80lbs of rice. I now am saving to get buckets to store it for the long term.

gott_cha said...

I got a good deal on some buckets last week,..a local convienant store operates a burger stand and had about 28 empty 5 gal. food buckets that were just sitting there,..Talked to the manager and he said make him an offer,....I took them home for $2 a piece!!,...They had already been cleaned and sanitized too!
HomeDepot wanted $4.99 for buckets and they are not food grade.

Said he would have me some more in a cpl weeks!

Sure hope he doesnt go to homedepot anytime soon!