Monday, May 26, 2008


The news doen't look so good. had an article about regular citizens starting to prep. Good luck folks! It is a trip!

I see a falling of the value of the dollar. To the point that it is no longer accepted on the world market. And if you can't buy food and fuel then you stay home and go hungry. Folks are not going to like that. Not one little bit. And when little Tommy and litle Susie get to complaining abot being hungry then the riots are going to start. It's pretty difficult for people to watch their own kids go hungry. And when the riots start the Criminal In Charge will sign a Proclamation of Martial Law and the race will be on! Oh, there will be some great speeches and bombastic orations to tell us about our greatness and power and influence and history, but those things will not put beans on the table. Do not be taken in by the propaganda. When you start seeing troop convoys on the roads then get ready for the round-up. Can't let 300 million angry citizens run around raging against the machine. You gotta get them folks under lock and key , with guards and guard dogs to see that they stay in the camp. I ain't going. No way! Me and Mr. Wingmaster will stay home, thank you. I like sleeping in my own bed with my wife and my little fan and what not. They might cut the electricity off and I couldn't have my fan, but I will make out okay. We are country people and we have food and water and plenty of fuel to burn. The wife even bought a hand operated power washer from the Internet. It is strictly armstrong stuff but it will clean your laundry. We need to get some soap and stuff into our prep work in the near future. If that runs out we go to making lye soap. Good stuff, lye soap.

But you want to stay out of those camps. Do not be taken in by promises of any kind. You go into one of them and you are a refugee of the lowest order. You will obey them and work for them and serve them. You will be third class to the camp minders. And if you don't do what they say then you will face their punishment, of which they will have plenty. It will be slavery, folks. Plain and simple. Remember that you are a survivalist and act accordingly. Survivalists don't bear the yoke of slavery too well. Not after all those years of paying taxes to pay the salaries of those watching you night and day in the camp. Don't let them flip the order upside down and put you on the bottom. You did what you were supposed to do and worked and paid your taxes. You are guilty of no crime and thus not deserving of criminal treatment. STAY OUT OF THOSE CAMPS!

And you still have time to put in some garden. GROW FOOD! You gotta eat. You have to have water to drink. Get it together a.s.a.p. Get with some decent people who can help with the labor. The labor of planting and harvesting and doing guard duty and things like that. Things like building log cabins from the trees on your retreat land. And speaking of cabin building, it would not hurt you one bit to get some boxes of 3/8's by 8" spike nails in your stash to build the cabins. You can get them in 50 pound boxes and you will need a bunch of boxes. It does not take many spikes to make up a 50 pound load. A working chainsaw will help a lot if you can come up with the fuel. If there is no fuel then get ready for some hand labor! This is another place where having people with you will prove to be good. And people to labor will not hurt you. Having it around will make you stronger and wiser. And people like a leader, they like someone who has the plan and knows how to do it. You will probably be remembered as the father of your community, because it will become a community. People like freedom and friends and a place to live and a fair deal in life, no matter what the situation. Give it to them and you will have friends forever. Cultivate the fighters in the group.

When it comes to driving in an 8" spike, I heartily recommend that you have 2 pound hand sledges for your spike drivers. "Back in the day" I could drive an 8" spike with four blows from a 28 ounce framing hammer. Two handed of course. Wafflehead, of course. But I was a skilled hammer operator and you might not start out with that kind of talent. Driving spikes is not something you were born able to do. It is an acquired talent.

Get a good foundation under your cabin. It makes all the difference in the world. Get it in good and square and strong. Concrete is nice if you can get it. Big rocks will work if you can get them to lay right. Having some goggles and a rock hammer and chisel will allow you to square up stone like Sandstone or Limestone. I am not familiar with other types of stone so you must be the judge of them. If you are going to try and work stone I suggest that you practice a bit before you go into production.

Your cabin floor can be dirt, stone, or what ever you have around that suits you. If you start now you can buy concrete and be done with it. After the Martial Law sets in you will use what you have handy. Timing is of the essence in the case of building a cabin right now. Do it while the idiots are still accepting money and you can get all kinds of neat things. Wait until the bad days are here and you will take what you can get.

We were sitting out on the porch of the place where we hold meeting last night and Old Fred said that this government was at war with it's own people. I had to give a resounding AMEN to that declaration. But that will become the normal and not the exception all around the globe in the next couple of years. Remember Somalia! It was getting better over there. People were laughing and there was a lot of food in the marketplace and it was all blown away beause the other nations of the world wanted a central government in place and not some regional tribalism. A central government is something they can relate to. A Central Bank is what they can relate to. And they only have to make one deal to capture the whole country. Such a waste. Those people were free for a while.

But we can be free if we stand ready to defend our freedom. And we might stay alive!



Mayberry said...

It is the start of the end, at least for the working folk. The wealthy will hold out for a few more years, as they'll be able to go out and buy all their preps at once. They'll probably band together at the Kennedy compound or something, so they can plan their return to power.

But us working folk will be in a "bad way" in 2 years or so if we're not ready. That's when martial law will come down, and the troops will take the sheeple to the camps

John said...

I hear you, Bro. You've summed up a lot of things pretty well. I can't help but wonder though if people will really rise up and riot when shortages are truly undeniable. I suspect most will gladly stand in line for their turn at the food and water trucks, etc. in their favorite Wal-Mart parking lot. Maybe there will be a few pockets of turmoil. We'll probably see soon enough.


riverwalker said...

The number of "working poor" will continue to increase as the media spins the truth to lull the sheeple into a false sense of calm. The FEMA "Superdome concept" was merely a test run of what to expect from your government when they shove the unprepared on the bus to you know where!

TA said...

"That's when martial law will come down, and the troops will take the sheeple to the camps"

I keep hearing stuff like question is "and do what with them ?"

I mean, unless the plan is to gas them, what exactly does one do with millions of people in "camps" ?

If the government is at open war with it's citizens, WHO is gonna provide the food, water, etc, to keep these campers alive ?....not to mention the guards and all.....

People that talk this way must have a WHOLE LOT more faith in the ability of govt to do anything besides screw up things.....personally, I think when it gets this bad, there won't be much govt left, and what is left won't be able to find it's backside with both hands.

gott_cha said...
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gott_cha said...

the purpose of the camps would be to reduce the population, NOT to feed the masses

The powers that be, wide,..know the earth is unable to support the current population any longer. Not enough oil,,..trees,....drinking water.
The PTB's (powers that be) are greedy wicked men driven by lust of wealth and power,...they also know that continued wars will deplete and destroy our globe. Their solution is a world population of several millions,..not billions!but how?

These are not new ideas to such men,...these plans were thought out well before WW1.
Pestilence and disease's were the first instruments used,...remember the pandemic flu at the end of ww1? was a precursor or test for even more virulent killing methods.
Aids?...designed to depopulate Africa and Asia ,...didnt work to well. So on and so on.Its easier to kill off people when they are concentrated in large numbers and in tight spaces.

Michael and others are correct,...stay far from the camps.
FEMA and GOVT. are not our friends,...never were!! They are the damn ENEMY trying to kill you!!

City-dwellers,homeless street people and lone wolf types will be easy pickings. so too the prisons, hospitals,..retirement and nursing homes full of "un-desirables" will be amongst the first rounded up.

Not everybody is going to agree will everything said or written on survival blogs,...each has an idea of whats best for his own situation . There is no "one-size" fits all magic pill for survival. These articles and posts are here in effort to get you (the reader) to think!! and act!!

Ok,...back to camp kiddies,..who wants cool-aide?

TA said...

"the purpose of the camps would be to reduce the population, NOT to feed the masses"

OK....then WHY bother with the camps.....simple chaos, starvation and violence will do the job quite nicely...or an engineered virus that only the PTB have an antivirus serum......why go to the bother and expense of building a facility to hold anyone ?

Seems the PTB who plan to come out on the other end would simply build THEMSELVES camps, surrounded by multiple layers of protection, ( a truly 'gated community' ) and just ride it out. In a year or so, the folks that made it thru the big dieoff could then be dealt with if need be....

No, sorry.....I think this "camps" thing is WAY overblown.

What you should REALLY fear is all your un-prepped neighbors.....they are going to be your immediate problem.....not some Hessian with a blue helmet.

gott_cha said...

Ta said="OK....then WHY bother with the camps.....simple chaos, starvation and violence will do the job quite nicely...or an engineered virus that only the PTB have an anti-virus serum......why go to the bother"

whatever they are for,...I dont want to be there.
Simple chaos, food shortages and violence has yet to work,..even for Sudan or Somalia,..Russia under Stalin tried by eliminating millions,...still didnt work.

Most lab-borne virus's need close proximity concentrations of people to be effective. The prevailing winds dilute the germs/gases, bugs or whatever and wind patterns are not dependable,....many would be killed that weren't slated for extermination.
Nazi Germany could have used aerial spraying to eliminate their problem. They also knew scores of Germans would be killed,...the answer? Concentration and labor camps.
Ta= "Seems the PTB who plan to come out on the other end would simply build THEMSELVES camps,"

Already have! Underground bunkers dot the landside through out much of the Mid-west. Va. and W.Va. have some dating back to the 1940's that are still in use,...all for "official Govt. use only" The President has a bunker and so does Congress and the Senate for use during war time or civil unrest.

Ta= "No, sorry.....I think this "camps" thing is WAY overblown."

could be,..doesn't mean its not real or a threat.

Ta= "What you should REALLY fear is all your un-prepped neighbors.....they are going to be your immediate problem.....not some Hessian with a blue helmet."

True! An even a better reason to be outside of large population centers

During FDR's admin., we had man camps/labor camps. These were not "forced round-ups" but,..labor was forced if a man was to eat,...conditions were awful. These forced workers were used to build up national parks and much of the infrastructure we use today. My Grandfather was at one down here in the South,...his were stories of hardships and prison like conditions,...once there, only left in a pine box,.or when they were thru with you.

These camps could very well be used today for a cheap labor pool.....not saying it will,..not saying it wont,....they exist and will be used one way or the other at the wishes of the PTB's