Thursday, May 8, 2008


It is still raining , sorta come and go. Water every where. But this valley has always had plenty of rain and water. Something seems to see to it. One of my dearest buddies had a dream the other night and saw a departed sister standing in the road pointing toward a woods. She was saying "There is the best water in the valley." My friend did not know what to make of it but a week or so later he got in the mood and went hiking where she had pointed. He found a ravine he never knew existed. The ravine had a creek in it and it was flowing. He went up the ravine and came to a stone cliff. Out of a circular hole in the cliff came a very nice big spring. Fantastic. He reported lots of building stone and lots of herbs in the ravine. But that good spring water is the real asset. Free flowing water from God's rocky hill. Don't get much better than that.

I have chipped in half the money for a push plow. At least that is what we called it as a kid. Northern Tool calls it a high wheel cultivator. You can go to their web site and check it out. It is hard to find so don't give up easily. The selling price is $90 but my partner in the garden venture gets a $10 discount so that made it $80 and I only have to pay half so I got by for $40. (Michael arises to thunderous applause and takes a bow.)

So my gardening should be a little easier, if and when the water goes down.

Just checked the market and Gold is up a hair and oil is down a hair and the DJIA is up a hair. Like the Spirit said a few months ago, men will not know which way to go. Cause I tell you, there are people out there with tons of greenbacks and they can't figure out where to invest it. And remember, Warren Buffet lost money last year. He played the derivetive market. But knowing Warren he will probably get his money back. He has the best help that money can buy and he can wait on a stock or whatever, to make money.

I was reading this morning and had to laugh at Jim Rawles' comments about the experts that are trotted out to refute survivalism by the sell-outs in the media. I have posted myself on the concept of psychologically analysing survivalism to see if we be of sound mind and body. My conclusion is that survivalism is the only thing of rational thought I can find in the world. Every other type of thinking is subject to being sabotaged by folks selling bridges in Nu Yawk Sity.

And some of these experts have degrees way up there in academia. This proves that a college degree doesn't make you sane. And it damn sure doesn't make you rational. But it proves that a big degree might get you hired by a media giant to beat the drum for their current dog and pony show. I like what I am doing just fine. I don't have enough money to do what I want but God makes a way. And I get the satisfaction of knowing that the pea-brain idiots of this world are going to get their just deserves.

Dragon and I were emailing and he said he didn't feel like this next big failure on the part of the global system would be the main thing. It is not going to be the big blast. And I had to agree. But I think it will be an open book test that we can use to evaluate our thoughts and plans. We can see where we did well and where we came up short. We just have to be honest about our grade. No fudging. Cause this test is for real.

I have a basketball for sale. It is a Spalding Game Ball. An official NBA product. It was signed by Larry Bird on April 13, 2004 at a private signing at Indianapolis. He did it for the United Way of Lawrence County, IN. Larry didn't sign many basketballs. But he signed this one. I have a certified letter of attesting to the truth of this basketball from Jill Leone of Leone Star Services who is the authorized agent for Larry Bird. If anyone is interested in this piece of sports americana, let me know. This ball has never been boumced on a floor or any other surface. Still in the display box.

I have been reading varipous pundits this evening. If you don't read a main stream media type who just spouts off platitudes, then you have to read the alternative media, basically the bloggers. And those folks don't like anyone they see running for election. And that bothers me because I feel the same damn way. I don't trust Hillary or Barack to leave the guns alone. They don't like us masses to be armed and capable of fighting for our own interpretation of our rights. THEY want to interpret our rights. Well, I ain't buying it. This attitude of theirs is highly indicative of problems in other areas. I don't want a nursemaid. The thought is sick. And these are the kind of people who think they know what is best for you better than you do. Political nannies.

As far as McCain is concerned, I don't know where he stands. Is he for guns or anti guns? Is he for a free enterprise system or more like Bush who hands off all the government contracts to his pals. Does he really favor staying in Iraq for a hundred years? Please. The dollar is only worth about 73 cents of it's value since 2000. Our cost of living is going through the roof. We have to get rid of the trillion dollar a year defense department.

FOr better or worse, I got a post this morning from a reader who works at a government facility. They are stocking up on food and medical supplies and hygiene products. And you gotta think that they won't have much call for guna and ammo as they already have plenty. But they normally say they have no extra money in their budget to get extra things. Now if these kind of people are stocking up, what the hell do you think "I" am gonna do? What do you think I will tell others to do? Remember, the Gorgon knot was not untied. It was cut in two with a sword. I'm sure you get the significance of that.

Stay alive.



Ryan said...

.Mil for me. Best place to be for SHTF is on post.

riverwalker said...

I think local observation of weird things going on is a lot more trustworthy than the spin and hype put out by the national media. Stay above the water line!

Staying Alive said...

I'll stay in my little valley. We have lots of free water, plenty of land for crops and crittters, caves to hide in and people who know each other. On the local scene I have not noticed nor heard of much out of the way.