Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey! I was reading the news yesterday and I found out that everything is alright again and we are on the road to recovery. Wonderful. And now all I have to do is wait until my stimulous check arrives and all will be rockin' again. Can you believe how great this all is? I mean, doesn't this warm your heart? Aren't you ready to celebrate our fedgov's victory over the forces of evil?

I ain't. All this great news came from the media and the government and I don't believe a word those fellas say. I saw one article that said unemployment was down. Not a bad gig for those in the work force. But I read a little further and the article really said that there was not as much unemployment as had been PREDICTED. That is a horse of a different color. Of course, the fedgov only counts people as being unemployed for just so long and then they are droped from the roles of the non-working. Some estimate that we have 10% unemployment in this country but the fedgov keeps cooking the books and it doesn't look as bad as it really is. Don't you just love this government?

And, of course, inflation is down. Ain't seen my gasoline or food bill bill down, but inflation is down. This can all be explained by the fact that the fedgov's figures don't include the things we have to buy, like food and fuel. I got an email in my last batch that said the man paid 62 cents a pound for his rice. But there is no inflation! will have an explanation for this, I'm sure.

So what are we to do when the news breaks that is it all just a passing breeze and the economy is strong and you can go right back to living the american dream? Well, I for one, am not going to fall for it. It is a damned lie. You know that there are lies and then there are damned lies. The economy is all smoke and mirrors. It has more to do with what is inside the mind than it does with any actual truths. The president comes on TV and says that everything is getting better and everyone goes out and spends and goes into debt and things start looking good again. Not realizing that we are just getting the same old shit piled higher and deeper. But like I have said a bunch of times, survivalists have higher IQ's than most folks.

And this economic stimulous coming our way. Where is the money going? Is it all for goods bought from China Inc.? Mine ain't. My ammo is made in America! Being a dedicated prepper will cause me to buy whatever I need but I find myslf rebeling against buying from China. And why should I be so loyal to America anyway? It is the stupidity of our people and the duplicity of our politicians that has us in this mess anyhow. I will get what I can, doing the most good, from wherever it is available at the cheapest price. And what I really need is a repair job on this computer. That is need badly!

You might look at for methods of tanning to make clothes and work gear. Many little nuggets of info for the completely-in-the-arl prepper. There is a boatload of free hides around. Roadkill, hunting remains, home butchering projects, etc. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Today I moved three semi-tires into place for the Handmaiden to plant her potatoes. She is convinced to use the tires as planters and I am going along with the experiment. Who knows? It might be a very good way to recycles old tires! The Handmaiden also bought a 55 gallon plastic barrel for $6 from an Amishman. After looking at the prices of some of those things new I am satisfied that $6 was a helluva good price. I just finished watching THE BRAVE ONE with Jodie Foster. Wow! Talk about taking care of business! I won't tell you the plot but it is well worth renting and watching.

That is all for today. I hope everyone had a successful prep day and will enjoy this post tomorrow.

Stay alive.


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