Tuesday, May 20, 2008


People are getting ready. Preparations are becoming greater and greater. I don't have a handle on how many NEW preppers there are but the regulars are gaining strength. The urban and suburban planners are still loyal to their city life and I guess that is about all you can say for them. I just want them to remember that however much they have a hold on something is how much it has a hold on them. When the hard times some there won't be any way out of the mess. You will be stuck where you are. The ambiance of a city or large town is totally dependant on fuel. Nu Yawk Sity can measure it's food supply in hours, not weeks or months. And if the trucks don't roll then they get no more food. The food allotment used to be 72 hours for the Sity. That was for all they had in their stores and warehouses. They ought to just cut their own throats and get it over with.

I cannot imagine anything so hideous as to living in one of those over regulated rat warrens called a city. All those laws and police and closed circuit tv cameras. All those crazy associations and managing boards. All the courts and lawyers. And the concrete and blacktop are just stifling. No fields or forests. No quiet lakes and ponds. No place to sit and be quiet and think about things. No people around with real-life skills. No place to hunt and shoot and grow a garden. Just fear and fantasy. Fear of the criminals that keep those legal systems busy. Fear of attack from foreign terrorists. Fear of law enforcement that might taser or shoot them for any reason that pops into their heads. Fear of new regulations that might make their lives unbearable. Fear of the loss of their utilites. And now they have fear of rising prices for food and fuel. Oil hit $127+ a barrel yesterday. Gold is back up over $900. Got preps? Got a little space between you and the monster?

The fantasy is the stockmarket. The fantaasy is that government will protect you. The fantasy is feeling secure in a situation that depends upon it's existance on imported money. And it doesn't have to be imported from foreign countries. It is imported by tentacles of businesses that reach into every home in America. Businesses that don't make a damn thing but merely make promises or provide entertainment. Fantasies such as insurance, advertising, financial markets, big sports venues, clothing fashions, entertainment and on and on. Nothing that will feed you or shelter you. Just giving you the thought that you belong, that you are part of something. And it is all labeled as POWERFUL and part of our cultural makeup and all that crap. I don't need a damn thing that comes from the city. Hell, the preponderance of our goods and whatnot comes from China as it is. India is getting to be a power in world trade also. Two countries, India and China, have one third of the world population. And they have nuclear weapons. Does that put you off a bit?

The cities are the seats of the bankers. They have the money. They can run the mint presses. They are protected because they are the source of power for the rich. This is the reason for being of the cities. I believe the French call it raison d'etre.

Get out of the damn things. Invest your money in TANGIBLES. Things like land and garden seed and guns and ammo and good clothing for being outdoors. Things like hand tools that don't need electricty to work. Things like a dry underground cellar that will store your food supply for a long time if necessary. And I have not listed all the TANGIBLES that are avilable for people to use and store. There are many faithful bloggers that do this. Read them.

Invest your time and energy in PEOPLE. Many hands make light work. A skilled carpenter can do X amount of construction in an hour. A carpenter with a decent helper can do 4X amount of work in an hour. A man planting a garden can do X amount of work in an hour and a man with a good helper can do 4X amount of planting. Am I making myself clear? I have been around business for decades. I know it and understand it. And I constantly see men go belly up in the business world because they don't have enough help. These are the rugged individualists who can do it all. They are the guys who get one month-long disability and they are out of the game. Business expenses don't fall off that much if you are not operating. And equipment payments go on regardless. You either run your business or someone else will run it as theirs. Those banks will sell you out in a heartbeat if those payments aren't made. Cold hearted monsters are what they are. And I have watched this for decades. You can believe what I say.

You will come to times of doubt. You will be confronted by messages of scorn by people interested in telling you that you are crazy for getting ready for hard times. Do not listen to these bastards because the hard times ARE coming. And because you can't give a date of arrival for the major collapse is a false excuse. Turn some of that shit around and ask when full employment and cheaper fuel and food will be established. Ask when the wars and foreign occupations will stop. Ask when the concentration on Iran will cease and desist. Ask when the concentration on Israel will cease. Ask when the dollar will rise to it's former position of glory in the world.

It's easy to be thrown for a loss when you are listening to promises and fantasies thrown at you by the governnent propaganda machine. But you must remember that they are lying bastards. Don't ever doubt that or forget it. You must also remember that error is it's own reward. Two wrongs don't make a right! Just simple things like that can keep you on track to stay alive in the hard times that are coming.

It's not complicated. It's really pretty simple. Every day you read the same old shit about the world and it's problems. And it used to be that we just heard about it on the evening news from some remote spot on the globe. Now we are starting to hear about it happening in this country. But we still hear about it around the world too. As the blogger says. "Something Wicked Comes".

You will need land and supplies and help doing the work. That is the way it has always been and it will be that way in the future. But it is what it takes to stay alive. Do your homework!




Ryan said...

I think all conventional wisdom would tell that huge cities would not be a good place to be if SHTF but keep in mind that cities in a somewhat smaller form then now were around far before grid power and diesel trucks.

riverwalker said...

Great post. I live in a small rural town (less than 10,000 population) and I worry that it may even be too big if evrything goes south.

Insane Prepper said...

I may be crazy but not crazy enough to live in a big city. My concept of a traffic jam is two vehicles at the four way stop (yes, we have one four way stop in my town and sometimes that's one too many).

Mayberry said...

Well said Michael, and there ain't one point I don't agree with. As you told me, "get the hell out of there!" Cities are the LAST place anyone should want to be, that's where the FEMA camps will be, that's where the National Guard will herd the sheeple to. That's where they will die.