Sunday, May 25, 2008


I forgot that I am dealing with a higher mentality of readers than the average American. I told about the video of the FEMA detention center and did NOT leave the URL for it to be checked by others. For this I apologize. Here is the URL.

You might care to notice two things. The area where people will be held has the top fence brackets facing IN toward the enclosed area. This is solely to keep people IN the facility. The other point of interest is the signs that say it is covered by AMTRAK. This desolate area is NOT being used by AMTRAK. No way. AMTRAK is a passenger rail service and this area in no way handles passengers. You will enjoy the electronic turnstiles.



Ryan said...

Thanks for posting that. The turnstyles were the one troubling thing to me. The fences seemed to face the road or the train tracks for the most part which makes sense. That radio tower was just that, a radio tower.

I suppose that it would take me a whole lot to believe in these "concentration camps". Balancing the part of me which is aware that hoaxes are not hard to pull off with paranoiad side. Not sure how much but I do know that goin to one would not be an option for me.

riverwalker said...

Obsrved a "FEMA" camp up in Georgia on a trip once. You do not want to go there! I can see nothing but misery for those that wind up there.