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If you are going to eat possum, you are going to
have to capture it alive, keep it in a cage for about
3 weeks, at least, and feed it 'clean food', such as
corn bread, things from your table, that will clean
it up so it is edible.
Coon is fine to eat right away. It is best baked.
I like it with sweet potatoes, or with BBQ sauce. I
wrap it in foil and bake it slow......makes it tender.


You remember the old saying "The clothes make the man."? There is some serious thinking in that statement. Some things you should be aware of.

Let's look at clothes. There are essentially four kinds of garb. There are Religious garments, Nobility and Military garments, Workers garments, and Business garments. And you can just about fit most of humanity into one of these four categories. The nobility and the military sort of go together and have gone together for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

If you want to know who is behind the worlds ills, look no further than these four groups. They are the culprits. They are the ones who do the dirty deeds.

I am sure you won't have any trouble recognizing the religious culprits. We have the Dalai Lama stirring up trouble over the rulership of Tibet. The Chinese have it and the Dalai Lama wants it back. So he stirs the pot and keeps tweaking China's whiskers, hoping to get his foot in the door on this issue.

The Roman Catholics sometimes get in their jabs at the Chinese also. They don't like the ChiComs controling their church. The Catholics don't like the ease of abortion in THIS country either. And this country doesn't like their pedophile priests much in return. The Catholics really would like to regain the power they once had in England. There was a conflict between the church and the monarchy and Henry the 8th won that engagement. Catholicism and Islam are not too compatible either.

No one much likes the Jews except for the religious right in this country. I think it is because of some anger against the Jews for treatment of Palestinians. The Jews in turn despise the Muslim people and wish them eradicated from the globe. Now, I said Jews, but I should clarify that and say the people the world calls Israel. There is a big difference.

And there are other little things going on in the religious world that are causing trouble around the globe. It's because the denominational people want to dominate just like anyone else. No matter the name of the religion, it's the human nature we are witnessing here.

The nobility and the military have been one and the same for a long, long time. The nobles are the guys the King had to call out to go fight his wars. Sometimes they became more powerful than the King himself. Being enobled meant that you were afforded certain courtesies and privileges not granted to the regular people. You could hunt game and breed women and do all sorts of stuff that the common folk were forbidden to do. The oldest son of a noble was generally the heir to the property. The sons below him were called cadets and they had to EARN their title, if they were to get one. The way you did this was to get in the army and fight for the King. Being the son of a nobleman was a good way to become Knighted. And a Knight was given respect in the armed forces. This got him to the center of the action and if he distinguished himself in the battle he might get a title of nobility from the King. Men greatly desired titles of nobility and Kings greatly desired men of great skill in battle.

The present day warrior is a child of politics. You play the game correctly and you get promoted. You piss a lot of powerful people off and you get nowhere. The President is the figure of the King these days. His Secretary of Defense is his advocate and his eyes and ears. The Defense Secretary can move you up the ladder very rapidly.

The thing to remember is that all the generals want to be President. All the lords of the land want to be King. It is that old will to power manifesting itself like it has for thousands of years. And these people are ploting and maneuvering behind the scenes all the time. It never stops. Look arond the world and see how many generals are ruling nations. There are a lot of them. And they are not always kind when they get power. Their history is one of obeying orders and giving orders and they don't like that routine disturbed. They generally make poor national leaders.

The workers have had their share of the leadership pie in times past. They generally despise the clergy and the nobility and make life very difficult, if not impossible, for these people. Witness the decline of the nobility and the clergy in Russia and China. The Russians are slowly getting their clergy back but the nobility can forget it. The Chinese are the same way and the clergy is making no inroads there. The general rule of thumb for worker governed people is that they will come up with some sort of communist rule. They are not efficient and can get mired down in discussions of principal. But the Chinesse have a group of 4000 or so that makes the main decisions at their annual Party Congress and they seem to get along with that. Not very alluring to most folks.

The last group in our little parade of clothes is the business people. These are the wheeler dealers and their wannabees. The people who make it to the top are ususally rich as hell and are intent on making even more money. This class will buy politicians. They will hire lobbyists. They will do what it takes to win, most of the time. There are men of principal in business but there are some real bastards in there too. They run the big banks and they buy and sell the stocks and they control manufacturing and shipping. They pretty much run things on this planet. They are not interested in your well being, they are interested in their bottom line. They hire advertising specialists to convince you that they care about you.

So here we have the four main groups of people on the planet. And they are at war with each other 24 X 7. Are there conspiracies for the takeover of power? You bet your ass there is. The main saving of our precious little freedom is the competiton between these groups. And they do compete! They will not let any other group raise it's head and take control if they can help it. There is constant friction at all times. And the hypocrisy of the whole thing is the amount of words used to say the opposite of what is really going on. Whoever they need to be on their side in order to gain control will hear the words of love from the group vieing for power. And they all wear a uniform. The uniform of their class. The uniform of their power group. No man can go forth by himself and whip the world into submission. It's impossible. So there must be groups band together to get the job of control accomplished. And once that is done then the infighting can begin. It always does. It always has.

This little display of the human nature is the cause of the worlds problems. Oh, we get a hurricane or an earthquake once in a while that imperils us and kills a few people. But noting like what our fellow man can dream up to do to us in his drive for dominance and power. It is going on constantly. It never quits. There is no truce or halt in the proceedings. And a man with any sense just wants to stay alive.


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I never thought of it like that,..but you are 100% correct!


and on the wild game,.......clean out catfish the same way,....put them in a barrel of water (clean/fresh) and feed them left over corn and such for about a week,.....cleans out their "tracts" and sweetens the meat,...a must for mud cats!

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