Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ah..I love the smell of fear in the air from the arm pits of the ignorant. It is so comforting. I understand their fear. I know their doubts and their ignorance. I can watch in laughter as they trip the light fantastic through the maze of stupidity they call their dream. And the scripture says to "keep a dream before my people" but it doesn't say what the dream is to be about. And we have millions who have a false dream. A dream not in tune with the future history we are about of experience. For the world is going on a bummer and it is going to sweep America right along with it. Sorry, Charley.

Gold is up. The stock market is down. Oil is at $132 a barrel and is expected to climb. And the pressure is on. And I don't intend to feel it. And why should I? I don't subscribe to the practices of the modern business world. I am not selling anything on this website. I try to publish a blog for every day. I try to give good advice and the posting of good information from my readers. I have a truck that I am paying for and it can go back to the finance company for all I care. I cannot live in the world of turmoil for the sake of the retention of material things. Too much like the world that is going down the tubes to suit me. I have said before that there is a new creation coming and I want to see it and taste of it. Bringing the old ways along just don't get it. A pox on the houses of the old ways.

There are ways to avoid getting your tit in the wringer of the new creation. You have to prepare and you have to do it properly. No middle ground.

I got my extra seed yesterday. Look out world! We are going to have corn and beans, God willing. There are so many who will not prepare for hard times. They make excuses and all that stuff but the simple truth is they don't feel it enough to do it.
And we have a bulletin on the health front. One of the ladies I have known for 37 years had a very dificult menopause. And someone turned her on to Black Cohosh Root. Took care of her problems! The Handmaiden found out about it and I started to Google and study it. It is amazing stuff. The fedgov doesn't want people using it much but I figure they must have someone in the Big Pharma business who is on to this stuff and they don't want the cat to get out of the bag.

But in my studies, which are not completed, I have read where this root does not have high levels of estrogen at all. But it WILL lower heart rate and it WILL lower blood pressure. Fabulous. This may be the answer to my taking Beta Blockers and worrying about an industrial collapse. I may be able to just take Black Cohosh Root and go right on living with a calm heart. And lots of people take a Beta Blocker. The thought of being free of that pharmacy is a great feeling. And I live in the area of the USA where the stuff grows! We can buy it from an herbal supplement manufacturer out of Utah called IdeaSphere, Inc. They are located in Amrican Fork, UT.

I have much studying to do on this matter. But if it proves to be of value then a big problem will have been solved. The battle has been between Big Pharma and food and herbs, and food and herbs is winning. And you can get stuff like Black Cohosh Root by walking through the woods. Can't beat the price! And I wasn't worried too much about the price anyhow. Beta Blockers are one of those medicines that are on the K-Mart and Walmart cheap list. $4 or $5 a month, depending on who you buy from. I buy the $5 a month stuff. It is a tiny bit more money but the two gallons of gas it takes to make the trip to the pharmacy and back are paid for by the ability to get a 3 month supply at K-Mart.

GARDEN BULLETIN: Got in 8 more rows of shell-outs today plus the Handmaiden planted a row of Beets, and a row of Rutabagas and two rows of Onion sets. Hurrah!
The latest prediction is $12 a gallon gasoline. That ought to just about cook everyone's goose. A lot of people can't afford to drive to work for that kind of money. And as factories have been shutting down in small towns because the owners moved to Mexico or China, folks have had to drive further to find work. This will stop.



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Mayberry said...

$12 gas, and beyond as the oil dries up, is coming. Soon. With it comes TEOTWAWKI, not soon enough in my opinion, as TWAWKI isn't much to relish. Let us know about that root! Herbal remedies will soon be the norm instead of the "out there" approach that gets kids stolen by the welfare Nazis, and their parents pilloried by the media, if not thrown in jail.