Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today is Sunday and I have not gotten a damn thing done. I have slept like a log all day. But I feel refreshed and ready to go. The Handmaiden brought home a movie to watch off of DVD last night. It was an Irish movie, of course. And finally it just ended. Like some of those crazy flicks from Europe do. Wife came over and put her forehead against mine and said' "We watched that whole thing!" And I replied that, "This proves we are becoming numb." We both burst out laughing at that line. But I guess a little laughter and light hearted living aren't all bad. But it sure did make me sleep soundly. And long hours too.

I have had a time with the blog this weekend. First was Mayberry's revelation about his vision. That was a big deal. And I believe him. I think he saw what he says he saw. Mayberry is an exuberant, out-going kind of person. And he will say and do as he is led. I don't have a problem with that. But I have been around a lot of different people and I can understand quite a number of them. The next thing on the radar of life was the statement I made about the FEMA detention camps. And I thought everybody knew about those camps. Apparently a few of you missed them. But they are out there and they are ready to hold a few million people when instructed by their fearless leader in Washington, D.C.

It really does amaze me that folks miss those sort of things. The wife used to date a guy, back in 1992, that she told about the fedgov having on the payrole the guy who furnished the explosives and detonators and what not for the first attempt at blowing up the World Trade Center. And the guy would not believe her. So she gave him the story from the front page of the New York Times that reported that very thing. And he still would not believe it. And this is America! They printed this story on one of our national papers of record and people still would not belive it. And life goes on.

But I really am surprised that more people don't now about the detention camps that are now run by the DHS instead of FEMA. The number of them is reckoned to be over 800. You total them up and they have a tremendous capacity. And you go through the Executive Orders of Clinton and Dubya and there are some amazing things on the books as law in this country. You just let a President sign a Proclamation of Martial Law in this country and you HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS! I reckon you have what you can insist on having and can back it up in word and deed.

And it is all legal! Oh yes! Legal as it can be. And they had their first practice in New Orleans when Katrina hit. It was a dismal effort both for the public and for the government forces. Neither side had a clear cut win. They got legally owned firearms from a couple thousand people but that is about all they could muster. The citizens got little or nothing except for some some poisoned trailers sent down there for people to live in while "HELP" was being organized. The effects of the poison may have subsided and those trailers bought cheaply in the future. And there are thousands of them.

New Orleans has yet to be rebuilt and I think it won't be rebuilt. Ain't nothin' down there any good conservative wants to restore. New Orleans is a Black city you know.

But the fedgov got some experience in handling hard times and it will go into their textbooks. They will do better next time. They will probably have more Blackwater troopies to do the dirty work. But they have lots of foreign troops on our soil and finding someone to do the dirty work of enslavement will not be too hard a task.

So if you missed out on the Katrina Episode don't worry, you will get your chance at confinement and various prison work programs as soon as that damn proclamation is signed. But it ain't gonna get signed until the fedgov boys are ready and able to get it done. These are our Judas Goats. They will lead the lambs to slaughter.

But all is not lost. An isolated location will still serve you well. Difficult access is another good thing in you favor. Caves are nice. Wear earplugs if shooting. Chainsaws and big trees beside the road at strategic points will do wonders. Tanks will be hard to stop. Other vehicles can proceed with due caution. Colonel Mud will help you in the rainy times. If you have a piece of equipment, you can divert a stream right down the road. And those are nasty things to be doing and highly illegal and I admonish you to abstain from any of these practices. But if they are coming to take you away to a detention camp and you ain't done anything wrong and you don't want to go, then do something else.

It is fun to watch this all unfold. It won't be long until the credit system will be completely wiped out and the riots will begin. That credit business is an important area of operations in this country. And think of the data mining the DHS gets to do with all those purchase records. I wonder how many companies that sell to survivors are unwitting collectors of data. They don't have to agree to anything. They don't have to tell anyone a damn thing. But that little transaction will go through some clearing house somewhere and things will be noted. Big Brother is upon us and he is a load!

So we go through the litany again. Get out of town. Invest in TANGIBLES. Prep like crazy. Run out of cash at about the same time the system collapses. You won't need any more anyway. Unless you want to use it for toilet paper as a sort of macabre ritual of disposing of past problems.

Keep these admonishions in your mind as you plan for your future. The scriptures say that unless God watches a city, the man or men who watch it watch in vain. And it says that after having done ALL, stand.

Do what you can and stay alive.



Ryan said...

I think that not being in a major urban center is the first biggest start. After that being able to sustain for the mid term (from katrina a few weeks seems reasonable)without outside help is the biggest thing. Do not become a refugee. One who needs food and water has to follow with the demands of the people who have it.

For someone worried about camps or whatever being far out in the sticks (instead of just not in a huge urban center) would be the best bet.

Ron Fontaine said...

I agree with Ryan, do not become a refugee.

Remember, even the greatest military power in the world with all its high tech cannot subdue a determined foe in the cities and mountains. Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam and Cuba and dozens of other examples show this time and time again.

They need to take away your guns and make you as vulnerable as possible.