Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey! Big news on the political front. The two AIPAC guys indicted for passing defense secrets to Israel are going to get their charges dropped and their case thrown out of court. Now the guy who gave them the secrets got over 12 years in his prison sentence but they get nothing for passing them on. People are getting tired of AIPAC and their ability to get this government to do anything they wish. I be getting a little tired of it myself. If I were King I might be tempted to tell Israel to cut the shit out or I let Iran stomp their ass! And Israel deserves it. I know there are a lot of pro-Israeli people in this country but that cannot help the fact that these people living over in the mideast are corrupt. And they will pay the price and I got that from God and it will happen and that is the end of the matter.

Getting ready to beef up the preps in the next few days. Gonna get a shitload of food. Staples, what we consider to be necessities. are going up all the time. Just the stuff you don't have to buy is still cheap. The stuff you use every day is going up in price. Bet on it. I can't tell you how much money I have made on paper with my food purchases of a year ago. Not that it matters except for bragging rights, which are as useless as tits on a boar. I intend to eat the food no matter what, so that is the profit for me. The wife said this morning that we have probably have 6 months worth of food counting our rice and beans. We should have a monstrous addition to that amount planted in the ground in a few weeks and that will boost us into the FEMA level. Not really, but they are the goal we all shoot for. God only knows how many millions of tons of food our government has stored for its future use.

According to the old story, our ancestor Joseph saved all that grain in Egypt for the benefit of Pharaoh. When the famine hit Egypt the people could buy food from Pharaoh, until they ran out of money, of course. Then they had to sell themselves and their families in order to eat. You became the personal property of Pharaoh or you starved to death. It will be done a little differently this time as our modern day Pharaoh has microchip technology he can put into place. You go get your implant and you are on the way to doing Pharaoh's bidding for the rest of your natural life. I would suggest that you garner some strong friends who will fight to the end if necessary and who will grow food not owned by Pharaoh. I have already told you about the three and a half MILLION guns sold in America during last October, November, and December. There was a BILLION AND A HALF ROUNDS OF AMMO sold but I neglected to tell you that that total is for the month of December alone. A BILLION AND A HALF ROUNDS in one month! Wish ol' Pharaoh luck in any micro chipping he may do because he will surely need it. He may just get his ass shot off. And the buying and storing is still going on. The steam roller is getting fueled up folks and it is not going to be denied. Look out Pharaoh! The train is coming through. And you can't do a damn thing about it.

For those of understanding, you might consider that the two witnesses are standing on their feet once again. And great fear will befall them who behold the witnesses. For those unencumbered with knowledge you mighty know that the two witnesses are the Father and Son. We are starting to depart from the days of love and tenderness and forgiveness and get back to the old time of rule by God. The time of the Lamb has happened and I am glad it did. But now it is time to return to Daddy. Daddy is a little more stern than the Son.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Any would be "chipper" will be met by my "three Ms"... Mosin, Mossberg, Marlin. Monday I'm gonna drop some serious coin at the grocery store. The can aisle is likely to be bare when I get through with it! And I've now got 2.5 acres to plant, courtesy of my sister's in-laws (2 acres anyways, there is a house there). It's a bit late for down here, but better late than never, eh?

Phil said...

I saw those statistics over at Mickey Creekmore's the other day and my jaw dropped open.
No wonder the local outfit can't keep ammo in stock!

I do believe some peoples done woke the hell up.
It's about time.

The preppin' has been been on hold for way too long around here as I am still trying to get things situated with this trailer, lots and lots of little things here and there that need attention but it is coming along and I am just flat chomping at the bit to get the garden in.
According to the last frost day, I still have two weeks to wait.

Yer a good man Michael, an inspiration to me personally.

Time for me to get in gear again.


HermitJim said...

Folks around here are mostly still in the dark, except for a few of us. That means that some of the prices haven't gone up too much YET...butcertainly will when the good start selling again!