Friday, August 7, 2009


Things are looking up. We have a couple tons of blacksmithing equipment being picked up and for a community with maybe 30 horses that ain't a bad deal at all. We already have a farrier here and some possible students so our future, for the time being, should be secure in the horse area. The horses have been described as an "emergency food source. Hehehehe. If you read Degringolade at you will get a better handle on security and that sort of stuff. His last two posts were as good as you will find. I really enjoyed them.

Big John has started blogging again. He had a good post up about his garden this Summer and I enjoyed that one also. He also has post up about the 1939 Buick straight 8 he has. Quite a car. He has pictures up. You can catch Big John at Give him some nice comment and sweeten him up a little bit. He has been kinda sour and bitter since he got off the radio.

The big gun at Foxnews and many other places, a man named Murdoch, has said his websites will all be charging people to view them. Sorry, Murchy ol' pal, but I will use other sources, thank you very much. You greedy sonovabitch. Michael Rivero had this to say to Murdoch.

Rupe, ol' boy; the reason you are losing audience and ad revenue has nothing to do with your business model and everything to do with the bias, slant, and deception regularly peddled by your rags as "News."

It doesn't matter if you change how you sell your lies; people still will not buy them.People want the truth, and they will go where they need to to get it.

A lot of folks are getting on the survival bandwagon. They are getting food and other goodies as fast as they can go. Good for them, I say. The wife just called me from town and she has Cabbages and Kale to plant in this strip of ground below the porch. I reckon me and Mister Wingmaster will keep a good eye out on them. Cabbage and Kale are two very nutritious foods for the human family. They are not non-hybrid so I ain't worried about getting seed form them. Just so long as they are not GMO bullshit I will eat the crops.

I got emails this morning that shut my mailer down. Someone from China, I think, was posting huge amounts of noxious advertising in that script you can't even read. And they come quickly. With my mailer reacting as quickly as it did I still got 50 of the damn things. They just come in a huge burst. You click to see if you have any email and BOOM, here they come. My advice is to turn off your mailer or however you get your stuff and then turn it back on and start erasing the crap. This stuff is all illegal. Some people will not leave us alone. And we pretty much mind our own business. Bastards.

I have a problem with my Cayenne Pepper plants. The got some blooms on them but then NOTHING. No peppers are growing. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I was gong to hang up a bushel of those little beauties and now it doesn't look like I will get any. Can they be saved?

The parting shot for today is that AIG needs another 10 or 11 billions dollars. Wanna bet that they get it? These boys really know how to live. AIG has insured all those bad deals the banks have been making. They get money from the fedgov and turn around and give it to the banks. Goldman Sachs got BILLIONS from AIG. But the rich are different you know. They privatize profit and socialize loss. Helluva deal.



Andrea said...

Your peppers, could be one of two things cauing problems: either excess nitrogen (from grass clippings, manure or fertilizer?) or temperature craziness. We're in Ohio and had the second coldest July on record and my plants are definitely doing odd things. I have peppers, but my eggplants looks about the way they did the day I planted them.

thatguyinkentucky said...

I would second the cool wet summer as the cause of the problem. I know you get the same weather is us for the most part, just a day or so earlier. All of my peppers are blooming like crazy, but the only thing giving anything IS my cayenne peppers.