Sunday, August 2, 2009


In the last two days I have been surprised at the number of writers who are getting what one of them called Foxhole Nerves. They are getting a little off of the normal pattern of behavior. And it is just nerves. Nerves and the fact that we are about to get our work checked by the great confrontation with reality. Will what we have done work? Will it be enough? Do we have the guts to "man up" to what is expected of us? A lot of people give up at this point and get out of the game. The pressure is too great to go on. All their work and preparation is lost to them, the kids, and their friends. And I am saying don't do it! Stay the course! We have come this far and we might as well go along with the program of survival. It is in the best interests of keeping body and soul together.

There will be people getting shortness of breathe and constipation and maybe a few other signs of nerves. But it has all happened before and it will happen again and you get used to it and go on. Nothing to get upset about. Don't let your emotions wreck your plans! You have given lots of time, maybe days, thinking about ways to make your effort a success. Don't throw it away! You have done hours of reading and digging up data and emailing to get where you are today in your knowledge and understanding. It will be worth the effort!

A couple of nights ago I listened to 11 audio tapes of Cliff High and George Ure. Then I listened to 4 tapes of Gerald Celente. Man. Was I ever a wreck after that! 150 minutes of prime doomer talk and justification. It just about stopped me. I felt better a couple days later. But I was concerned because I knew what had hit me. And I didn't like my reaction to the stimulus. So I resisted the negative vibes from my own psyche and went on about my business. And I eventually calmed down. The wife made it through pretty well and we both actually enjoyed the tapes.

A little escapism can help you through times of stress, but do not let it take you over. The wife is a great reader and she will just announce that she is tired of all the bullshit of this day and age and she is going to read in the 15th century for awhile. Me, I will generally keep on keeping track of the days events and to hell with the results. But either way is fine if it works for YOU. You watch and listen as much as you can and you let your mind go to another place when you have to let it go. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Every now and then you need to catch a break. I read the Ben Raines books by William Johnstone for kicks. I am on my third one this week. But they take me away for a little while and I guess I need that.

Most when times I talk about waiting for the SHIT TO HIT THE FAN I just tell people to sit out on their porch with their shotgun or rifle across their lap and just watch the world go by. Just watch the kids playing or the dogs moving about or what ever is going on. And you aren't really derelict in your duty. You are pulling much needed guard duty on your area of concern. Good thing!

Nothing is ever going to happen perfectly in the world of human planning. It never does. All kinds of twists and turns come about and change the show. Our job is to be ready for all of those twists and turns we never planned on. We are in this movie and we don't even know how it turns out. Just be prepared to so the most you can with what you have. No one ever said you had to be the best tactician or strategist in the country. You just follow some basic rules of engagement and hope for a break. That is what soldiers have done for thousands of years. And I hope you do realize that growing your own food may well be your most important contribution to your family and your clan. People will still have to eat. Shooting a looter or a zombie may not be that big a deal but harvesting a crop will seem like a major break through in the events of the world. Keep it in mind. And stay alive.



Dragon said...

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Andrea said...

I'm new to your blog, but experienced the very same thing last week. I called it a depressing information overload. All my circuits were busy trying to make sense of the news and the rest of me just shut down for a few hours. Thankfully, I have a dear friend closeby who talked me down from the bridge LOL.

My conclusion: you can't change anything, but you can save food, secure your home and learn basic, useful skills.

Best wishes.

Bullseye said...

Been there myself as you know. Had a great day today and just things be as they are. I can't change everything to suit me and I must except that. Just need to keep a cool head and enjoy life as best we can. Taking time off from the news helps me some too. Time to step back and relax a bit.

Code Name "Bullseye"

ErinAndBrad said...

I hear you - I swear all us preppers are linked in the brain somehow! We are all feeling the tension and I, too, needed a break today - so went to a cookout at some friend's house and took their boat out for about 2 hrs today. Nice. Left gloom and doom behind for a bit. Most days it is 24/7 - hard to go to sleep much before 4 in the morning now - like we are readjusting our circadian rhythms. IDK. All I say is when I get angry, frustrated and very sad - I then think we have come too far in this and Never Ever Give Up!