Monday, August 24, 2009


I was coming back from the little village where I bought my breakfast yesterday. Terry and I eat out on Saturday because the Handmaiden is gone to Amishland. I was just noticing the lay of the land, so to speak, as I have been thought the little village a few thousand times. It is a small place, maybe a couple hundred people. There are numerous homes and some community buildings from another era. There is a big fancy church there with it's own school and some playing fields. The church has a campground with a big barn to hold gatherings and give folks a chance to camp out and so forth. Seemingly strange for such a small town, there are three gymnasiums in the town. The community owns one of the gyms, the church has one, and the school has another. There are three churches in the little town. Lots of religious folks in the neighborhood. The churches draw crowds from the local farmers. But it is a sleepy little town. It has a restaurant, a full service gas station and a metal fabricating place that is about as big as a hobby business will get. But the village is at a cross roads and has plenty of water. There is plenty of land suitable for growing gardens and orchards. Plenty of cattle farms in the area. A couple of them quite large and well stocked. The purpose of this description is to bring to notice that inhabitants of this little village could team up and survive most any financial discomfort that comes their way. It can be defended against any Zombie attacks and the locals probably all have rifles and shotguns. Big deer hunting area. It could be a survivalist paradise. But chances are it won't. People are raised to be independent and to not talk about their plight in life. Typical Americans. It's a sorry thing but it is the way things are. Pain will teach a better way.

Everywhere I look I see ads telling me that all I have to do is click on them and I can have the latest Adobe Flash Player for free. Can't beat the price. But I see know reason to have it. My computer plays things just fine without the latest Flash. What has pissed me off is that YouTube won't give a damn thing unless I get the new Flash. This stinks to high heaven. It ain't gonna make anything better so it must be a spyware thing that will tell American big business what we are up to and maybe the fedgov also. It's crazy! My pop-up blocker is signaling me all the time that Flash is trying to get on my machine. I just can't see it. Why don't these people let us alone? Why can't we use our computers the way we wish? Why do they have to spy on us? Must be some big dollars is spying on the public. Maybe they are using this new Flash to check on us and see if we are extremist forces. You just never know... I most generally accept downloads that up grade my machine. It normally ain't much and it keeps me current. The window pops up and I say OKAY and that is about it. But this Flash thing is not them offering to upgrade my machine but them wanting to have me ACCEPT having it installed. It is a new thing. I still think it is spyware. (I'm gonna miss you tube) (I caved and downloaded it)

Stay alive.



thatguyinkentucky said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Flash, unless you know something about it that I don't. The technology changes so fast that the software has to be continually updated.

Staying Alive said...

I went ahead and downloaded it and now everything is fine again. I appreciate the comment, sir.


Mayberry said...

Flash has been wanting me to upgrade too, but everything still works fine, so I've resisted. Youtube is telling me my browser will no longer be supported, but I'm holding out. I guess when the time comes I'll go with Firefox. But I hate putting new crap on Computersaurus Rex, because it doesn't like it much. Either that, or the new stuff won't work with my OS... Such is life for a po' boy....

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna let ya'll in on a little secret.. The developers of html (hyper text markup language) have implemented video & audio tags. So rather than relying upon closed source applications such as adobe flash/macromedia player you can just embed your video as is.

I know that probably makes no sense to you... Click To Read