Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We had a flurry of food activity yesterday afternoon. The Handmaiden went to the garden and came back with a sack of sorta dried beans, a big clump of her onions, a bag full of Roma tomatoes to go into her dehydrator, and some regular tomatoes that need to ripen a bit. I got right on the beans but didn't like them too much. Still too much moisture to easy shelling. The damn pods wont pop open like they should. But we got everything done what we could and there is more food now than there was before. I like having lot of food around. You just never know when there might be an emergency. As soon as my beans are in I am going to give away the remainder of last years harvest. I don't want to keep dried beans very long. One year will do for me, I think. The Handmaiden checked our supply yesterday and they look just fine. We freeze our beans and rice for tow or three days before bagging theme up for storage in our big metal cans. We also put Bay Leaves in the bags with the food. The wife has taken to putting diatomaceous earth in the bags with the Bay leaves. Nothing is in there eating our food! Hooray!

The New York Times had an article about the decreasing power of the dollar on the world market. Hey, great! They are finally waking up to the fact that our currency is ruined beyond all recognition. I think we will be using food for currency in a couple of years. And this reminds me that the survival blogs are pounding the welfare state unmercifully. No one wants it. The idea of governing a welfare state is that if there is a problem then you just throw money at it and it goes away. And that is true, to a degree. The Bible speaks of money and wisdom both being defenses, and of the two wisdom, is the greater. So anyone noticing this trait in government will see that we are getting second class governance. There is no wisdom to lead us. In another place we read "Woe unto the people when their King is a child." Well, our president is our King, whether we want to admit it or not. And in the matters of ruling us he is a child. He is not mature and developed as a man. He can make a nice speech but he cannot make his way among the rulers of the earth with any amount of real respect. He lives off the ideas and work of others.

Stay alive.



shiloh1862 said...

You speak truth Brother!!


Mayberry said...

It is the ideas and work of those others that is truly frightening.

I said food was gonna be my next big push, but it hasn't happened yet. That will change Sept. 1. I'm gonna make a big food purchase, like two shopping cart loads of nothing but cans. Bet that'll raise an eyebrow or two....

Though maybe not, because lots of folks are starting to stock their hunting camps for deer season....