Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ah, a day off and no comments at all. I never get comments on Saturday. Maybe in January, but that is about all. Americans might read a little bit on Saturday but they don't have time to comment. Too busy stocking up on groceries and mowing the lawn and things like that. I don't mow a lawn and I don't go grocery shopping. I do go prep shopping, though. I have spent as high as $400 for one trip to Walmart. And it is all stashed now.

I have been thinking today about the future and what it might hold. We have pretty much exhausted the possible scenarios concerning financial collapse and war and revolution and pandemics and what not. We will do our best to survive these things. But the thing we always leave out is God. What will God do about this calamity? What is his thinking along these lines? My reading of the Bible and my listening to a Prophet have led my to some conclusions that I think are fairly well grounded. There will be a message brought forth to the nations. Then there will be a punishment given out to the world for not obeying, because the nations are not yet trained to obey the words of God. What can I say?

I have been reading some more about Iceland. It would appear that the banksters have really lit it up! Billions have been stolen. And they are trying to get the people to pay for it. I hope they don't do it. Take back the money from the people who stole it and pay off the depositors. I got the article off of Survival Blog and it is at Read it if you will and learn how the banks of Iceland and the UK and the US are all crooked as a dogs hind leg. We have been ripped off!

That's it for today. I am getting tired of writing so much! But I will try to carry on. Stay alive.



Sanjac said...

You are right about the lawnmowing/yardwork for me and the wife and kids are off buying candle making supplies. The fall garden is going in a little behind schedule but I have at least 100 days before we should see any marginally cold days. We will see how that goes. Enjoy your Saturday Michael.

Mayberry said...

Yup, the weekends are always slow. Kinda discouraging at times, but I plug on. Folks catch up on Monday...

HermitJim said...

I don't really have an excuse for not commenting on other blogs...except that I usually don't have anything I feel will be of any use to share.

I sure do enjoy the reading of all the blogs on mjy roll, though. Much better than any book, and I usually learn something in the process!