Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am not planning on writing anything today but I got this email and I thought I would publish it. This man seems to be wanting to start a group. He seems to have some skills at hand and some land that is paid for. Good start.

I do not know this man and cannot vouch for him in any manner. He may be a serial killer or the Jesus Christ of survivalism. More than likely something in between. You might give him an email if you are interested. Go slow and be very cautious. I would encourage him to do the same. You just never know who has a hold on the other end of the rope. I wish successful survival to everyone and hope this pans out for the best of all concerned. Stay alive.


Subject: group To:

North of Amarillo,TX,reg nurse,former marine,married,kids grown,12 miles to nearest town,rural 15 acres- home/land/well owner,no mortgage,horses,guns,dogs,trucks,tractor,garden,fairly well prepared for first year,if i don't get overrun,hard for few to guard,seeking like minded,possible team up,we live here year round 24/7,many great dane/neopolitant mastiff crosses to discourage interlopers,chickens,duck,rabbits,could use the help,might make deal with the likely,thunder makes the noise boys,lightening does the work,no patience for thunder,no pretenses,place looks like hell,old trailer,junk cars,we scrapped and scraped,everything on it is paid for,no body can repo it,just starting the clean up,pretty up,lots to do,been studying survival all my life,you'll have my e-mail,phone 806-935-5665,Jon

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