Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am a little upset with Obama and his crew this morning. The more I think about Obamacare and 'Cap and Trade' the more upset I become. And I know that I shouldn't let these sub-human minds upset me. These political organizers are merely soulless minions on the Elite and will do only what is expected to them. They can't help it.

But going over the 18% reduction in the tax collection of the fedgov gives me outrage that the dot gov people would dare try to install new taxes on us. We are down for the count and they are trying to get us to donate blood. WHAT THE HELL, OBAMA? You can't be trying to serve the American voter if you are trying to do this tax increase while we are hurting so much. And we are hurting, you stupid sonovabitch. And we are going to hurt some more if you did NOTHING harmful to us. This calamity is GLOBAL and there is nothing you can do about it. So save our money and don't spend it on bullshit. Buy huge stores of food to hand out when the time comes. Build up our national defense to the point that we can repel boarders. Don't have the troops here to enforce Martial Law while you try to get everyone to go along with your Swine Flu vaccine program. Have them here to kick ass on any invader! Get us a million short range missiles to defend our coast and borders. The Chinese will be coming over the Canadian border in uncountable numbers. We already have enough ICBM's to stomp out our overseas adversaries two or three times over. We need stuff to kick the shit out of INVADERS. Get a grip. Can't you even come up to a mild, low level of survival mentality? Are you so sold out the you can't even protect people? We have daughters and sons out here in fly over land too! And we would like to see them grow up in life and prosper and have babies.

We are still having the coolest Summer I can remember. It started to get a little muggy this morning and all of a sudden it clouded up and rained like crazy. Sure did cool things off a bunch. Wife has put on her zip up fleece because of the chill in the air. But the crops are growing like crazy. It doesn't take heat and humidity to grow corn and beans. I have lived under that fallacy all my life and it ain't true. Tomatoes can be stunted a bit but not the corn and beans.

I am trying to think of a good way to get about half of my food stash out of the house. I had a little meeting with couple of guys Sunday night, after I had left meeting and they said they were getting their eggs OUT of the same basket. I am trying to pay attention to this. Flea, down in Carolina, had lightning strike his home and cause him a terrible mess. I reckon it could happen anywhere. A fire, a tornado, a lightning strike, any of them, could wipe you out and you would lose all of your hard won preps. Not a pretty picture. Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Obama and others have moved past blood and are going for bone marrow. I think they are trying to destroy the country.

Anonymous said...

Obama and others have moved past blood and are going for bone marrow. I think they are trying to destroy the country.

HermitJim said...

These guys live in a world so far removed from the average American that it's not funny!

Why should they care...they are guaranteed everything for free the rest of their lives just by the fact they held a national office.
Good post, my friend and good idea about moving some of the preps out of harms way!

ErinAndBrad said...

May be working toward that too Michael - trying to figure it all out! Great post!