Friday, August 28, 2009


Ted Kennedy is dead. I will not miss him. He turned out to be a liberal demagogue and that is a form of human life I cannot hardly bear. He is taking up all the news sites and lots of space on the blogs, but he is gone. That is one less vote in the Senate for Obama's health plan. Obama's health plan is going to bankrupt this nation. Not that there is any way for the nation to avoid going bankrupt, but who wants to give the money to the doctors? I have little respect for doctors. Surgeons may have some good things for humanity but pill pushers ain't gonna cut the mustard as far as I am concerned. When I had my heart incident in 2003 it was a couple of Paramedics that saved my life, with some miraculous help from God. I should have died long before the Paramedics got there but it was not in the plan. I had such an Atrial Fibrillation going that I should have been dead in four and a half to five minutes. This is why you don't want your heart bet to get up to 220 to 230 beats per minute. I was in the A-Fib forty five to fifty minutes! The doctor who came on the scene in the emergency room announced to the crowd that they were witnessing a miracle. And there was a crowd there, for sure. Even the two Paramedics were hanging around with sorta wide open eyeballs. But a more powerful script than what a doctor can do was in charge and it was being adhered to. So Teddy is gone and I am still here. S'long, Teddy. Ain't gonna miss you. And that may sound a bit cruel but it is at least an honest feeling and not some hype from a politician.

I just read an article on the number of banks predicted to fail. The number is over 500 expected to hit the commode drain. I am thus given to wondering what the hell happened to all that bank bail out money? All those untold billions of dollars given away and the banks are still failing. And over 500 of them are ready to collapse. It is a travesty of immense proportions to watch this come about. These bastards are taking us for a ride. With, of course, the blessing of our lawmakers and our president. The best government money can buy. And hey, the officers of the banks are not going to be hurt by this. These guys know the score and are ready to head for the hills. Head for the hills with plenty of money in their pockets I should say. I wonder if most of them are planning on staying in America or are they headed to South America. If they have bought gold they can go about anywhere they wish. Gold fits just about any cash register. But those who don't get out will be hunted with dogs and that is a fact. If people think the rebellion at the town hall meetings over the healthcare plan are disturbing, they ain't seen nothin' yet. The rebellion against the failing banks will light a fire under America's ass, for sure. But we can hunt the congressional give-away boys as well as the bankers. The more game the better the hunt.

I'm getting ready for bed now. I have just had a discussion with my wife about carbohydrates. She sorta feels that there are necessary carbs for your diet. I do not. She says that Vitamin C comes from carbs. I beg to disagree. Vitamin C uses a vehicle of a sweet fruit to get into your system. The Carbs in the fruit are not part of the Vitamin C you take in. But people can believe whatever they like for whatever results it brings. But I know the Atkins diet got my brother-in-law off of 25 units of insulin a day and that counts.

Watch the news. You never can tell when the crooks will let something slip that they have been trying to hide. They have told so many lies that they can't keep track of what it to be said and what is to be hushed up. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Like Teddy, watching the news makes my stomache turn..... But I guess you gotta keep up with what the enemy is doing, heartburn or no.

tweell said...

Red chili peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C. One pepper provides your daily vitamin C and is only 18 calories.

Unless you have citrus already, peppers are the way to go in my opinion. Nummy!

Ron Layton said...

Yes, good riddance, Teddy. You murdering, vile, pornographic pile of fecal waste! I won't miss you as anyone in their right mind should not. And to think that our over ratedB movie actor/governor called him "Uncle Teddy" turns my guts! Is it no wonder Kailfornia is in the last gasp stage?