Monday, August 10, 2009


It looks like we are going to get the lowdown on the capping off of the Gulf oil wells. Mayberry is going to handle that one. He knows a lot of those guys and can get the straight story. Apparently this story has caused quite a shit-storm in the prepper community and inquiring minds want to know! I sure would like to get a handle on it!

The other news is that the democrats are bitching about the republicans disrupting their 'town hall' meetings. Who gives a shit? We just had 8 years of orchestrated meetings between Bush and people out across America. Anyone who disagreed with Bush could go a couple miles away to a free speech zone and say what they pleased. The dems are saying turnabout is fairplay. The repubs are contesting that view. All I want to know is how many of these folks are demonstrating because they don't like Obama's policies and could care less what party he is from. I'll just have to say that American voters have given me THREE worthless-piece-of-trash presidents in a row. Three strikes and you're out! And it has made it evident that political party doesn't mean a damn thing up at the top.

The war with Iran is coming around again in the media. Apparently the Israeli owners of our media do not want to give up their goal of reducing Iran to cinders. And no one has ever caught Iran in violation of any treaty. It is a cut and dried case of Israeli nationalism that wants to wipe out Iran. I have heard of Iran supporting Hezbullah but I have not seen them involved in active warfare since they fought with Iraq back in the 1980's. Israel is warring with someone all the time. They never stop. The news I got about 2 weeks ago was the Hezbullah has 40,000 missiles ready to go in the event of war with Israel. Nasrallah must think there is going to be a war coming pretty soon. Stay alive.


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ErinAndBrad said...

Just don't know which way to be looking anymore do we? They come at us from all sides, underneath and over the top! Great post Michael.

Plan on oil going really high so as to further fill their pockets and take our money so that we can drive to a job to earn more money for them to take - why the hell not?