Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I hear people not wanting to talk about survivaIism because it is full of doom and gloom and agony and chaos. As far as I am concerned that is a crock of shit. It is the result of being unable to face reality. Doesn't any know that in order for something to live that something must die. It may be a 1200 pound steer or a single blade of Wheat, but something must die. And for us to have new government and new lifestyles, the situation we are in must come to an end. It is hardly news that people are conservative and resistant to change but change we will have! It must come and I hope you are ready for it.

The European nations have had their say for the last 1000 to 1500 years and their outrageous child, the USA, has been at it for over 200 years. It's time for a change and these guys should graciously step aside and let the new ways grow and get strong. The old ways are turning decadent and slovenly. They are more into games than in producing food and shelter. Sort of like a bad case of national senility that has hit the so-called Western world. The bloom is definitely off these roses. Mostly just garishly painted and perfumed old whores who have nothing to offer humanity except an illusion. It might satisfy you if you are drunk and stoned, but waking up sober and with a hangover and seeing yourself in bed with one of them is maybe more than a man can stand.

So being a survivalist is not an exercise in negativity but rather an excuse to dwell in a better world. And this is called being a doomer by folks? Give me a break! The survivalists didn't get us in the mess we are now in. Just the OPPOSITE of preppers caused this fiasco. Bankers, stockbrokers, politicians, etc., caused this mess. And the people of this nation gave those bastards the opportunity to clean it up and man, have they ever cleaned up! Have the people learned their lesson? Or will the Marxist congress get to continue for a while longer? And that is a real question. I cannot imagine Obama being elected in this country except as a repudiation of the Bushites.

I'm sitting here eating a piece of homemade Beef Jerky while I type this post. Sure is good! This is the wife's first attempt at making Jerky and she really rang the bell on this one! She has some more marinating right now. That drier she bought for Y2K many years ago sure is coming in handy today! She never used it before but she is working it 24 X 7 these days!

I just got a phone call from a man on the East Coast who knows a lot of market people and he says the commodity guys are saying that a lot of Gulf oil wells ARE GETTING CAPPED RIGHT NOW. So, this story may have legs, But we have other sources to hear from and we do not have to go along with this as yet. But if Mayberry comes in with an affirmative then we have a problem on our hands. I read an article about oil going to $300 a barrel this morning. Why don't I have trouble believing this? The Presidents and Chairmen of the Boards of our corporations used to take a certain percentage of their money and sock it away for when tough times came. That is a myth for these days. Ain't getting enough money for your oil? Shut down the well and let everyone run out. This is now the new American way.

By the way, I believe in the Abiotic creation of oil. We are not going to run out because the Earth is constantly making more. Simple enough. That fairy tale we were told when we were kids about crude oil being formed from rotted forests and whatnot is a hoax. A lot of people still believe it but I think it is false. The guys who think we are running out of oil have the wrong idea of planetary production. There! I said it. I not only disbelieve Global Warming but I disbelieve the oil is running out. This will piss off Al Gore but that's too bad. The Russians believe you can find oil anywhere you drill for it. They may be a bit Abiotic themselves. But they sure do sell a lot of oil! Peak oil is a farce, a trick to con more dollars out of people. There is not enough electrical generation in this country to power electrical cars for everyone. It is a physical impossibility. Coal is in good supply and the Powder River Basin will keep us supplied for a couple centuries or so. At least if we can keep it from being sold to the Chinese.

Thus I am a survivalist, a prepper, an adult. I am looking at the future with open eyes and a good eye on reality. Now, if I can just get my Cayenne Peppers to grow and produce fruit...

Stay alive,




Mayberry said...

Haven't heard from my crew boat buddies yet, they must be busy offshore..... That may be confirmation in it's self? We shall see....

TEAM HALL said...

Good morning sir! I always look forward to reading your blog, first thing. What kind of dehydrator does your wife use? I would like to try my hand at drying things...and would appreciate some direction.

Staying Alive said...

Team Hall,

The wife uses an American Harvester dehydrator.


Dragon said...

they were capping when they were screaming drill, drill...they are capping now....I say cap away because once we look and change to alternatives we won't be coming back to oil....I look forward to a future where oil is an artifact of past power and glory, Just as i look forward to an imminent new cheap source of power. I also hope that the new source is open source so as many can benifit as possible and the old money be broken as they so richly deserve...Face it they are beating that cash cow to death. Soon the will be beating a corpse.

Ken said...

...best description i've seen to date Brother...i've used some of those analogies myself...
...it's been awhile since visitin',but now i'm caught up with yer posts,so heres a quick thanx...GoodLuckGodBlessYouAndYours Michael

nitewalker said...

Michael, I read your post whenever I have time and I have to say this is one of your best. Well said sir, and people need to get their head out of there arse and realize that it doesn't matter what you call it the object of the exercise is to SURVIVE and if that makes you a survivalist, then so be it. I look foward to more like this, Gary.

Jimmy (pen name) said...

I don't buy into peak oil myself. Or global warming (Anthropogenic Global Warming to be specific).

I too have seen reports on other blogs that oil is getting capped on some off-shore rigs, but that more are being shifted to land-based. Not sure, but I can bet you that oil prices will be going up.

I'll add you to my following list. Check out my blog if you get the chance.