Thursday, August 27, 2009


We are the proud parents of a PARAMEDIC! I am so proud of my son it is almost sinful. But 10 years ago I gave him up to God to raise and I must say, God can do a better job than I was doing. He took his National Registration exam this morning and found out later that he has passed the thing. I would say there will be some beer drank tonight, and it won't be me.

Enough of my blather about my son. Probably bores everyone to tears. The latest rumble on the fringes of the financial world is called "financial controls". What this means in a nutshell is that you will not be able to take money out of the country. If you have a million dollars and you want to get out of the USA because you think you will lose all that money, the government will not let you take it out. Hows that for freedom? How is that for respecting your personal property? You gotta remember, we are being chased by some Marxists who want this country in a big way. Just another gang fighting over our wealth and our possessions and our land.

The citizens of this country are wanting health care very much. Times are getting tough and insurance payments are shaky when you think you might be losing your job. What are we going to do? The AMA and Big Pharma have a lock on congress. The bastards keep putting in riders on the bills that make us out to be a bunch of chumps. I think we will end up being responsible for our own health care. We have to study natural herbs and body conditioning. Doctors are not going to do it for us. They just want to treat you like a milk cow and put you in a stanchion and milk you for years. I don't want milked, I want HEALED. And I ain't got any extra money!

Stay alive.



Sanjac said...

Congratulations to your son! There is nothing wrong with being proud of your children's hard work. His skills will always be in demand and I doubt there is a more depression proof job.

scoutinlife said...

A Big Congratulations to your son & you must be a proud father!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your son, what a marvellous achievement! Feeling proud of our children is natural, I don't think it should be any other way:)

ErinAndBrad said...

Congrats to your son Michael! That is an accomplishment for sure. I wish him the best and tell him from my experience as an EMT/Firefighter that the older folks - even the frequent flyers - are the best and he can learn a lot form them.


HermitJim said...

I'm proud for you at your son's accomplishment...and don't blame you a bit for being proud!

Tell him "job well done" from all of us!