Friday, May 30, 2008


I actually read this statement on a blog this morning. The URL is It was the theme of the whole blog! The Handmaiden found it. She lurks at a lot of places I don't go. I haven't the time nor the inclination to read many of the Lefties. I don't like to go through the gag and puke thing on any kind of a regular basis.

A man can look at the world situation and become severely disheartened. It can cause you to become depressed to the max. Things don't look too good right now. All kinds of things are blowing in the wind and damned little of it seems to be to our advantage. Even Drudge is reporting a large mass of bank failures on the horizon.

But why would a person view someone taking a positive outlook amidst all this negativism as depressing enough to off themselves? Doesn't make any sense to me. I stand for life and the continuity thereof. Yeah, I have a few shotguns around the house. So what? I thought everybody did.

And yes, I have a small food stash. Maybe 300 pounds of nutrition on standby. But what the hell, most Yuppies have that much in their chest freezers. And that doesn't count their side-by-side freezer they have in the kitchen. And those people have pantries. Lot of goodies in those pantries. I remember a girl about 40 years ago who had parents in Indy that had a bomb shelter. Now these were well-to-do folks and the stuff she brought down to Bloomington, IN, from her parents bomb shelter was strictly gourmet. Really nice food. We could live off of it for a week at a time.

I, on the other hand, am trying to build up a supply of rice and beans, to be superceded by corn and beans if my crops make it all okay. Just humble old rice and beans. And I am doing this because of a limited amount of money. I get a small Social Security check and the wife is not working right now. We cannot afford to do anything elaborate. But we do what we can. And that makes this guy want to die? Give me a break! What mentally malformed creature would perish at the thought of me and mine making it and not dying or being killed? What twist in the genes would produce a negative attitude in the mind of this man? Something is amiss.

But what ever it is that is amiss in certain people's thinking is not going to stop me from being prepared as much as I can be. We are growing and buying what food we can. I have some ammo stocked away and intend that it protect me and mine from looters and other ill advised creatures. I am getting it together on the tools I think I will need in the event of a food and fuel emergency. Tools to grow food! We are not too big on gizmos and gadgets. We can't afford the toys of the game. I am not saying that these things are bad, I am saying I can't afford a lot of them right now. But I don't worry about a lot of the crap that is supposed to be necessary. I have no intention of rebuilding the same system that brought us this mess.

Life is sorta like playing Jacks-or-better-to-open draw poker. The system guy in front of you opens and you have a pair of tens, you know he has you beat. He's got 'em and you got 'em to get! No one has it all. We try like crazy to touch all the bases but sooner or later we just have to see what the deck will give us. And I am trying to make this pair of tens look pretty damn big. Like I caught a couple more of them on the draw. And who knows? Maybe I will. The system guy is betting his ass off that his viewpoint will prevail. It all boils down to what happens.

I think that whoever would say that survivalists make them want to die is really saying that the conditions that make people concentrate on survivalism make them want to die. And that is really the wrong attitude. You have to confront these feelings and get a grip on the fact that you want to LIVE. Nothing sane wants to die. But oppression maketh a wise man mad. You cannot let this happen. You must realize that the human family has been on a death march for millions of years. Wars, and wars, and more wars. Plus plagues, pestilence, famine, and naturally occuring disasters. Death has been in our midst the whole course of our existance. And some of us are tired of it. Some of us would rather abolish the ridiculous and go on with what God has in mind for us to attain. In order to do this you must first live. You must practice staying alive and do it every day. No one ever mentions that God is the Supreme Survivalist in the whole Creation. No matter what went on, HE STAYED ALIVE! And he lives today. He got out of the Death March. And we can do that too, although we will have to have some powerful help to accomplish it.

So keep betting that you will win in the end, because that is when you count it all out and see who made it the best. The Jokers can cackle and bray all they wish but the outcome of the final deal will determine who came out ahead. And those will be the players who stay in the game and stay alive.



riverwalker said...


I see where some of the others are having trouble posting comments. Just a suggestion, but you might try some compost "tea" as a supplement.

gott_cha said...

As a kid I remember my parents rotating crops each year and then allowing the field to lay "fallow" every 7th year to replenish the nutrients......its a Biblical principal and yes it works!