Saturday, May 24, 2008


There is a couple more boxes of salt in the stash and what felt to be about 20 pounds of rice and beans picked up by the Handmaiden. I got a bunch of planting done this week and now have 41 rows of corn and beans, with beans making up the preponderence of the planting. I still have much to go in the ground. The weather is still on the cool side and we have no prediction of 80 degree temperatures until possibly next Monday and then it's only to be 79. But you know how the weather forecast is. I would like it warm enpough to kick my plants out of the ground and headed toward the sunlight. But Kemp in Mississippi has had 90 degrees already, with the attendant humidity, and I ain't got much desire to experience that either. But I reckon I will, although back in 2004 we never got over 89 degrees for the Summer. I lived through a Summer when we set the record for consecutive days over 90degrees here in the Hoosier state and that was a bit hot.

I also bought a good axe and a Bow Saw yesterday. When the electricity went out a week ago I was not bothered at all. Hell, I had all the water in the world and plenty of food to cook. We have the stainless pots and pans to cook it in also. I sat arund and mentally did a tally on how I would take care of all this stuff if necessary and when I got to wood I failed my self exam. I had no wood and no way of getting it. What a complete disaster! Sitting here in the midst of 2500 acres of hardwood trees and no way to cut them down. So I got the axe and the Bow Saw. The Walmart Super Store did not have any spare blades for the Bow Saw so I have that to acquire, but I at least have a saw with a brand new blade. The axe is a brand new TruTemper. I believe it was made in the USA. It has a lots of instructions in Spanish though. Mostly safety stuff. And that is okay. If a guy only speaks Spanish he should still use the axe safely. I have no qualms about that at all.

Some fish emulsion was in the shopping cart also. A full quart of it. Good stuff. I also got a small hand sprayer to get the plant food to the plants. And it was not cheap. I was going to uy some more 100 round boxes of 12 gauge ammo but I thought to save the money instead. And don't rail me for not buying it anyhow! I have a boat load of 12 gauge ammo.

When we got home I had a discussion with the Handmaiden about Mayberry's vision. I mentioned the detention camps that were being built. She said "Show we a detention camp. I want to see pictures." I said "Sure thing, Baby." and got on Google and typed in and the screen filled up with all kinds of stuff. She got on one of the first ones and it was a camp in Beech Grove, a suburb of Indianapolis. It's huge. Electronic this and that. Electric turnstiles for admitting people. High chain link fences with most of the detention area having the top brackets leaning IN with barb wire on them. You put the top brackets on leaning OUT if you are wanting to protect an area from invaders. Funniest damn thing. IT was a very good video.

So this current disorder in our lives is starting to make my butt pucker. And it sure does make me feel good about my preps. Getting food in order and having a good productive garden can certainly help matters. Some of the survial brothers think the SHTF can start this Summer and maybe it will. Look for the riots to start in the good weather. People don't like to get out in the cold and do that stuff. So it will begin this Summer or next Summer. The cities will be where it breaks out, of course. I hope all our brethren opposed to geting out of the cities can either reconcile themselves to FEMA camps or else they switch their thinking and get the hell out of those rat warrens. "And the signs said the words of the prophets are written on the preppers blogs." The Handmaiden asked if I would die rather than go to a dentention camp and I said yes. I feel okay with that statement. I ain't no hero but I ain't no fool either. At least I pray to God I ain't no fool.

The news from people around the country is one of severe alertness. Folks are watching like crazy. Some are alarmed. Some are loading cartridge magazines. Most all of them are stocking up on food. But I think the mainstream is getting a litle ahead on their food so that ain't a problem. Went to Big Lots on my shopping tour yesterday and they had 5 lb boxes of Uncle Ben's Convered Rice for $5. "No thanks!", said the Michael. We are using up our stocks here at home in order to keep them fresh. Mainly just the brown rice. The Handmaiden wants to get another 35gallon galvanized can for holding prep food and I am about to go along with her. My shopping venture also revealed a complete blank at the super cheap stores of ground Cayenne. It ain't there. And I am partial to that stuff and it will taste good on my cornmeal mush with a little salt. I am also wondering why axes and things like Bow Saws are not readily available at the cheap joints like Big Lots. Oh well. Maybe the big box stores are taking picture of everyone who buys an axe these days. I would not put it past them. Whatever it takes to make the Homeland Insecurity boys happy they will do. And all these programs of national surveilence are going on for a reason. We are fighting in the Mid East but they are watchinng us here at home. Let's rip this cutain down and expose the fact that they are about to declare martial law in this country. But that is the way it is with the stupid buttholes we call citizens in this country. The camps are being built. The laws are being passed. The police and National Guard are being made ready. And no one is raising hell about it. They would have never got away with this in the 60's. But the meek little lambs are following the Judas Goats meekly and easily.

Do you know what a Judas Goat it? It was a contrivance of packing houses years ago. Sheep would spook when you took them to market. They were hard to handle and not easy to get onto the kill floor. So to make them easier to handle they put a goat in with them and the goat would lead them to their end at the hands of the killers. The goat was exempt from the knife of the killers and would be led out a side door and allowed to live. He performed his duty for his own benefit. He could care less if the sheep lived or died. And the Judas Goats in this country are doing a magnificent job. And the sheep stay calm and content. Don't you just love to watch this play out on the stage of life? But I know some sheep who are very perturbed about the system being set up. Remember the statement made by Bush after the 9-11 attack, "They hate us for our freedoms." Well, it ain't the arabs who hate our freedoms. It's the big shots in THIS COUNTRY who hate our freedoms. If you can get this through your heads then you will understand things a lot better.

And all we want to do is stay alive!



I want to add a little post script here for your perusal. You remember a couple thousand years ago when one of our forebearers was walking the earth as the most powerful psychic known to mankind? A man who could reach God and talk to him? Well, he was hung on a tree and supposedly killed. And the Romans were in on the deal. Why did the Romans give their okay? Because Jerusalem was paying taxes and Rome needed the money and they didn't want anyone shaking down their little deal on the eastern side of the Mediteranian Sea. The powerful psychic was not too caring of Roman power. But he sure did stir up those folks in Jerusalem. And the Romans wanted the trouble to cease. Not that they gave a rats ass about the message but beause they wanted their tribute to flow uninteruptedly. And that is the name of the game. Us peons only matter if we produce money for the coffers or the powerful.

"Nuff said.



riverwalker said...

Glad to hear the garden is coming along. We had a heat index of 104 degrees today. Our garden takes a little extra work because we have to build shade for most of our garden or the sun will bake everything in one afternoon(it's a bummer but I like my veggies without the chemicals). I've tried to use the advice of another prepper to decorate my yard(2 acres) with fruit trees and a herbal garden in addition to my regular garden. I also have a small green house and keep a lot of plants with medicinal value (aloe vera,etc.). Have lots of peppers also - we love them jalapenos!

Ryan said...

I would be interested in seeing that "Fema detention camp". I do not mean to be insulting or degrating but I do have some doubts about that. If there is a place like that and a G(oogle maps ish) picture is available please either hyperlink it or send me a link to it.

Adnama said...

Speaking of 911 and Bush. I was VERY disturbed and never got over hearing our President refer to us as consumers. No you are not a citizen, you are a consumer. Please get out there and spend your money even if it costs you your life! Go back into the market place, don't let the rich become poor by you not purchasing goodies. The drug companies are REAL good at this. We must just keep you alive (not really healthy) but alive so you can generate dollars for us. Come back to see us now, real soon :>)