Thursday, May 22, 2008


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I have spent time in the garden today. I planted 12 more rows of shell-outs. Counting what I planted yesterday I am almost through a #1 lb bag of seed. Not bad. Tomorrow should finish the bag if the rain doesn't hit too early. I just reminded myself with that little comment and went over to weatherunderground and checked the forecast again. I could get some rain tonight. Oh well, it's been a good week. I now have 26 rows of shell-outs and 15 rows of corn. I still have most likely a quarter of a pound of bean seeds left and a full pound of corn. We have other stuff going in but I only count the easily stored beans and corn. You never know how many will come to dinner. And in that light I will publish a post I sent as an email last night to a friend in Tennessee. He is an Engineer, a survivalist, and a damn good man. Forgive the profanity, please.

I'm a little disturbed tonight. I think I am disturbed because of the circumstances of the planet at this time. If you Google PEAK OIL LIE you get a shitload of places that will tell you there ain't any oil shortage. It's OPEC's dream come true. And if I can know this you can damn well bet that the fedgov knows it too. We are being played for suckers. Something is going on. And something is always going on that is to put us in bondage. I published a post this week about the four groups of people who populate the planet. The Nobility, the Religious, the people of Wares, and the people who Work. These groups are constantly at war and trying to gain the upper hand. And it looks like someone is about to gain the upper hand and it will take a fucking huge ass war to get them to stop because the control of the whole goddamn planet is at stake. The game is progressing to quite a dangerous level.

I think of Joseph down in Egypt. He had the goodies about the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of famine. He worked for Pharaoh. When the 7 years of plenty were on the scene Joseph bought grain like a motherfucker, using Pharaoh's money of course. He built granaries all over the place and filled them. Pharaoh owned quite a system. When the 7 years of famine hit the country it weren't too fucking long before before people were begging for food. Joseph had a plan whereby they could have food simply by signing over every fucking thing they owned including their souls, to Pharaoh. Pharaoh ended up owning Egypt and all the people. Well, once again the 7 years of plenty have passed by and the famine is upon us. And I can't help but think that this situation is contrived. And it could have been contrived by God. And it could have been contrived by a man, or men.

If God is doing it the nations are fucked. Period. If man is doing it then the nations are fucked until somebody comes along and fixes the problem. But who can fix it? The King of Saudi Arabia said last week there was no oil shortage. All of his customers were getting the oil they ordered. There was no sense in upping his production because there was plenty of oil. The American people would have loved to hear that a surplus of oil was on the market and it was glutted and prices would be coming down. And all those oil speculators would be crying like crazy. But it never happened. The market ain't budged a fucking inch on the supply side. The price side is going berserk but that is to be expected. The gougers never quit.

But I am looking at the way this will affect the populace as a whole. Will men have to sell their souls and give up their land and houses in order to eat? Will an entity arise that will control these things? Is the general populace doomed to an ignoble end called slavery?

And do I figure to trade my garden harvest for gain? I can plant a huge fucking amount of food. And it will be there for my friends, no problem. But do I feed dumbasses that won't do anything now, when it is still possible to ease the coming calamity? When we have garden land all fertile and tilled and ready to go? It would seem to me that humanity always pushes the envelop in these kind of scenes. It seems to me that they always wait for deliverance by someone else. I am starting to hate the bastards who won't do anything to save themselves. Most are thinking of tuning up their cars for a little better gas mileage. How pitiful. I just want to scream at them and tell them to GROW FOOD, YOU FUCKING MORONS!

It is an interesting display of the human nature. It's the mass mind on parade. Since I have nothing on it from God I will stay the course and figure on feeding the buttholes. What else can I do? It's what the Old Man would have done.


And so we go on prepping. The garden needs compost this year and I ain't got a plan or a scam figured out how to get the stuff. But the whole story has not been told and who knows, we may get the compost we need. We need the compost beause not putting it in the soil will lower the fertility and make annual harvests steadily decrease. Then people will go back to chemical fertilizers and herbacides and pesticides and all we have will have then is a miniature example of the problems the world has now. Not to my liking. Not at all.

The morning stated out looking like gloom and doom but now seems to be getting brighter. Maybe the rain will pass us over. I'll check right now. The forecast has CHANGED! The chance of rain went from 40% to 30% and when I animated the radar picture nothing seemed to be head our way. Saturday and Sunday have been declared clear. Ahh.... More planting in the near future. I may have an unbelieveable garden. I could be able to feed a bunch of folks.

One of my buddies was talking to me this morning on the phone and said my crops would require a super amount of weeding. I told him that my wife won't pull weeds until she has taken her digger into the weed patch and harvested what is edible. I need to go figure out where I am going to plant a pound of corn seed now. Just think of the FOOD. And it will produce it's own seed for next year. You get to pick and choose your stock if you grow your own seeed. You save the absolute cream of the crop for next years planting. None of this "taking what the seed company gives you." Just the very best! One of the joys of non-hybrid gardening.

I go for now and head for the garden. We are planning to set lots of 'coon traps around our crops. Supposed to be a family of coons living in the cave where the spring comes out. Them folks have got to go!

Stay alive!


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Unknown said...

I'm always trying to get people to grow food. Even for non survivalists it makes sense. It's cheaper, fresher, and no pesticides. We have the typical 50 x 100 ft lot in town( I know, I know, but we just can't afford to move to a country location yet). We have 11 fruit trees(apple, pear, cherry,plum,nectarine), 3 huckleberries, 6 blueberry bushes, 3 gooseberries, 4 current bushes, a raspberry patch, a strawberry patch, a boysenberry patch, 2 milk goats(nigerian dwarf), 14 rabbits(mix of meat and angora), 4 ducks, 5 chickens, and several large spots for seasonal vegetables. I've been experimenting with 4 season gardening and we usually have carrots, parsnips, chard, salad greens, and kale through the winter. We water all the animals and the garden from rain barrel water. We also have 3 4x4x4 compost bins. It just bugs me to see people on large properties not growing anything.