Sunday, January 11, 2009


I wrote the post I put up yesterday because I am coming against the dog and pony show we are shown everyday in the mass media. I am against the endless palaver of a government that is essentially keeping their goals and methods a secret. What we are told or not told is the crux of the matter. Our government is lying to us constantly. And the sin of omission is as great as the sin of commission.

Our nation is involved in warfare in the Mid-East. So is Israel. They are the wars of bullies. They are the wars of tyrants and despots. And they will come to no good end. Both aggressors will lose these wars. But in the meantime we will be making enemies of some people who are getting stronger every day. And when the charges get reversed, we poor preppers will be sitting here hoping we get spared the destruction. While we are prepared, we are in bad field position as far as surviving. But we are 10 times as likely to make it as those unprepared. Our basic tenant is that no matter what our government or our enemies do, we intend to make it.

But the mass mind is being fed mass lies. The talk of the media is "getting us back to normal." Who the hell wants to be NORMAL? The very definition of normal as used by the media simply means getting back to the ignorant system that got us in this mess to begin with. I keep repeating the phrase "error is it's own reward." You keep doing something wrong and you will get deeper in the hole with every attempt. A definition of insanity is to do the same thing time and time again and expect a different result to come about every time. Duh. What the hell is wrong with people to fall for shit like this over and over?

You do not need to be a renowned internet search sleuth to discover that while the dog and pony show of the media is being paraded before our eyes on the tube, showing us the great and not so great achievements of our national masters, the government is preparing for the worst by stockpiling supplies like crazy. But this connection is never made. I suppose that when an invasion starts or rioting takes off we will hear an announcement telling us to prepare for the coming lack of good and services we have paid for with our blood, sweat and tears. There will probably be something about so many weeks of provisions, etc., etc. But our government has supplies like crazy! Millions of tons! They make us preppers look like pikers and beggars. BUT NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! You have to get on some crazy ass survival site to get a clue about what is really going on. You can get all the latest news and gossip about the pimps and whores of Hollywood, a few instances of dog bites man, and myriad other bits and pieces of triviality. Very seldom anything of any real value. Just junk news.

Our preps are our ace in the hole. With our preps and our non-hybrid seed we have a chance to really make it. I gave up on city preppers several months back. They are going to stay there and try to ride it out and I say Amen. I just ain't going to do it myself, God willing. You know, it could get so bad in the cities that anyone who does not look like they are starving can become a target for freebooters. Not my type of lifestyle, thank you. I'll sit out here in the countryside, clutching my beans and rice and my Wingmaster pump shotgun and just be fine. Shotguns are so nice.

Our media, the media of the preppers, is basically each other. A lot of us are putting hard earned dollars into this program and we haven't got much room for error. So we beat the bushes of our favorite survival blogs to see if there is a better way and so forth. We learn survival chemistry and medicine. We learn storage techniques. We learn structural methods. We learn about good foods to put away for the big day. We learn about different ideas to keep our body and soul together, like Jim Dakin and his junk land trailer arrangement. Ornery Bastard is another guy who has contributed a lot to the survival discussion. If society turns to shit I would not want to go mess around with these guys. It could be a case of sticking a hand in and pulling back a bloody stub, if you catch my drift.

The Valley is alive, but just barely. We are back in the deep freeze again and not showing signs of coming out for a while. Some blast of Artic air is blowing down our way and things are pretty chilly in these parts. Than God the snow has mostly stay North of us. Chicago, Detroit, New York, and New England are taking the brunt to the snow. More power to 'em, I say. Mostly sissy governments up there anyhow. They are called People's Republics of whatever their name is down in these parts, though I wouldn't give you 10 cents for all the political loyalty locally. I watched that scene in Congress when they passed the first bail-out bill. The response from the voters was 99% against passage of that bill and they went ahead and enacted it. They said that Bush scared them with talk of Martial Law if they failed to go along. I would have immediately enacted legislation to impeach him if I had been there. Threaten me you little Texas dweeb.

I'll go now. Prep and prepare the best you can. You are going to need it.

Stay alive.



Shy Wolf said...

The definition of 'insanity' is 'doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'. Typical of MSM and gov't.

Phil said...

I normally try and avoid the media aimed at the masses, it is sludge designed to gum up the workings of the mind.
The past couple of day, I have been watching television here at my parents who have satellite TV and it is beyond bizarre what I see.
So called experts on every news channel who contradict each other from one channel to the other.
These people are talking out their asses and have no idea of what the future they are trying to predict with authority actually holds.
The rest is pure drivel.

I tend to watch the Food Channel as it is information I can actually use .

My advice is to turn the damn boob tube off as they do not know what they are talking about and use the time more constructively because no matter what anyone says, things are never going back to the way it was and that could be a good thing.

Mayberry said...

The PTBs grow more emboldened every day. "The Silence of the Lambs" is deafening, and the JBTs take that as a "yes"..... Times will get tough indeed, and the sheeple won't awaken 'till it's too late.....

Natog said...

Thanks for toe words of encouragement, Michael! I bet I talked way to fast though :P

I agree with the Mass media. I've been getting my news from UK newspapers, much better coverage of economic news than here in America.