Friday, January 2, 2009


It's a good morning here in southern Indiana and there are a lot of good reads among the blogs. I especially liked the article of clotting agents at A really good post and some info that is good to know. There is some trouble with clotting agents and they can kill you as well as help you. There ARE alternatives.

I am looking for a sign to go ahead and start something for people to have to go to to live. I have said before that I feel a burden for these folks and if things go right I will try to do something about it. Myself and some others have been trained by life to handle things like this and there is no sense letting that training go to waste. So now we wait and hope and pray and things of that order.

I got an email from Big John Lipscomb sometime in the early evening last night that informed me that the show had been canceled. They were playing re-runs. This was done by the network, not by John Lipscomb. So the upshot of the whole deal is that I am now scheduled by John to be on the air come Monday night, January 5. Sorry about that, but I had no choice. It was not in my control. Talk to the folks who run GCN and see if you can get any satisfaction from them.

I heard through the grapevine that those people who had their kids taken from them for a while at that ranch in Texas have been using the political process to protect themselves. I hear that there are only 3500 people in that county and 2000 of them belong to the group that ran the ranch. If anyone has any info about this please let me know. Taking over a political entity is not a bad idea if you have a clear majority of the voters. Just make sure you run it right.

That is all I have right now. Rawles had a good article up that some guy wrote who had good things to say about having a dog to bark and wake you up in case of an intruder. It's old fashioned but it works.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Yup, I was bummed last night, though the re-run show was purty good! I'll be listenin' Monday for sure....

I should know more about that Texas thing, but sadly all I can find is the usual mass media crap about 'em.... They did get their kids back, but the Texas Supreme Court ruled that CPS did nothing wrong (surprise, surprise....)

Ken said...

...thanx for the link,and speaking of the critters,i couldn't sleep well without the dogs...they are an under valued asset,thats for sure.