Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I really mean it when I say that the Mainstream Media should be telling people how to prepare for the hard times coming at us. The people who make the whole system go are down on their luck and out on the street. The ones who still have money are not the ones to worry about. THEY can't keep it afloat! If they could the economy would not be in the shape it is in. The segment of society that is unemployed and foreclosed upon is the power for the train. If that is not true then why is the economy so far down in the bucket?

We can see the hypocrisy of our media as they skip over the real news of the day and feed us the bullshit their corporate masters want us to read and hear. There should be a whole section of CNN devoted to preps. A BIG SECTION. There should be some mountain man type telling how to do things and some mountain woman type telling the stuff the big guy missed. Why should some backwoods, live-in-a holler type of guy be the one who has to tell you that your protein has to be there. Think of the videos that CNN could produce showing nutrition and how to make soap and how to keep vermin out of your preps and all kinds of stuff. BUT THEY DO NOT GIVE SHIT ABOUT YOU! And if that is not obvious then you need a wake-up call.

I just listened to Big John's Friday night show. He is getting to be such an old softie. He hardly tells people just how dumb they are any more. But to be serious, he did get on a good topic of gardens and bees not being entirely where it is at. He got to talking about chickens and rabbits and cows and so forth. I have to get on with that myself. I am going to raise hell until I get a chicken coop. Actually TWO chicken coops. I want one for layers and one for meat chickens. I don't give much of a rat's ass about rabbits but some folks do like 'em so let 'em be raised I say. Beef and hogs can get my attention, especially hogs. Hogs can eat damn near anything that grows. You can raise 5 straight generations of hogs in total confinement and turn them loose and they will make it no problem. And I love that sausage in the morning, with my eggs. We have a cluster of wild hogs that live about 35 miles from here. Not a huge area but big enough. You can go hunt them all you want and there is not season. They are considered a nuisance. Don't know how they got where they are but they are Russian pigs. You don't have to feed them or call the vet for them or build farrowing pens for them. You just get the hell out of the way and let them go. They have been where they are for many years and have made it just fine. Seems like since they are a nuisance we could trap them and bring them to our valley and turn them loose in a remote area and have our own free hog operation. These hogs know how to make it. They are survivors of a high order of magnitude.

I'm going to go check out the Amish Bulk Store this day. The woman goes there every week and I have never visited the place. I will check and see if they want to deal with Big John's seed while I am down there. May as well make a buck for a fellow survivalist and prepper if I can.

As a late note, I didn't see once single Amishman while I was in their area. No one doing chores, no one running their sawmill, and no one at the Bulk Store. When I got home the news was out on the Internet that 71,400 jobs were announced as gone today. 71,400 people out on the street. Got preps? Stay alive.




Natog said...

I'm not sure if they let you take pictures, but I'd love to see a picture or two of the Amish sawmill and community.

I have a lot of respect for them to go their own way, rather than trying to live like someone else.

Mayberry said...

Those hogs will shred your garden. Or anything else for that matter!! But boy are they tasty after a few hours over mesquite coals....

Dragon said...

I balk at eating any store bought pork or ham. But, those wild ones have good flavor and better nutrition. excuse the pun but those wild ones eat higher on the hog than domesticated types. The only downside being you have to cook them well or take your chances with parasites. Drtagon

Cliff said...

I was sitting and rocking for a while and then I started sitting and rocking and thinking about what you said about the TV networks not talking about prepping and it's crystal clear to me why they don't and won't. After the first show a billion light bulbs would come on over folks heads and there would be an immediate run on the banks to get money out, stops at the gun shop and grocery stores and then so many people would be prepared that there would hardly be any sheeple left to push around. The government and the powers to be can't let that happen. If they educate you then they can't dictate to you.
Oh, and the only game running around in this part of Georgia is some white tail deer, rabbits, squirrels and opossums. I've never even seen a wild hog but did see a picture of one once.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation as consumer spending continues to tank, sellers will not be willing to run so many advertisements. Ad spending is down year over year. With less advertising comes less channels. If you have 8 cable news channels now in a few years maybe you got 1 or 2. There ain't gonna be channels on the tube without ad revenues.


"Advertising spending declined by just 0.6% through the first three quarters of 2008 compared to the same period last year, according to preliminary figures released today by The Nielsen Company."