Thursday, January 22, 2009


There is a huge amount of speculation going on among the bloggers about what Obama government will do about our guns and so forth. And at this point it is just that: speculation. Now don't get me wrong. I don't trust a professional politician as much as an inch. But I do require the crook to commit the crime before I hang him. And hanging is what most of them deserve. Bush and Cheney first. Then Rumsfeld and a few others to follow. Scooter Libby would make the list easily. Condi Rice would have to go in there with them. Then a few Generals and Colonels. They convicted a few enlisted men over the prison tortures at Abu Graib but they didn't get the big boys. And the big boys need to be gotten. Call it a Witch Hunt or what ever you will, but these people need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Everything Bush based his going to war on has turned out to be false. He is a corrupt and treasonous man and the people who did his bidding should go down the tube with him. And America has a tendency to just push these people out of their minds once they leave office. "Aw, he's gone now and can't hurt us any more." Well, his crimes have been excused for too long and there needs to be a calling to account. This will let the next generation of politicians know that they can't succeed with their crimes and get away with it. It is what this country needs to clean it's soul and should be done as quickly as possible. The Democrats are not immune from this. They were put in congressional power two years ago and kissed Bush's ass the whole time. And you can't tell me that they didn't know why Bush got his power base taken away. They damn sure did. And then they turned right around and stabbed us in the back for us having the idiocy to vote them in to power. American politics would gag a maggot. It's like the first bail-out bill, when 99+% of the people contacting congress were being very negative about buying the crooks on Wall Street out of their richly deserved mess. They are totally set on giving their money backers exactly what they want and to hell with us dumbass voters.

We are in a state of perpetual fear that our government will turn on us and try to totally control our lives, take our guns, burn our Bibles, and tell us what to eat. And I say they would if they could. But Slick Willy got his ass handed to him during his first midterm election as President and that showed the bastards a little bit of what was gonna be swallowed. The public did a fine job with that one. Take our guns, you dirty sonovabitch! It is proven before our very eyes, every day, that this government is crooked as a dog's hind leg. They do not serve us! They serve their campaign funds! They lie about, twist, distort and confuse every fucking issue that comes before them. Like the Bushites and their calling the greatest civil rights hindrance in the last 100 years the PATRIOT ACT. What a foul deed. Break out the tar and feathers! Run them out of town on a rail, naked, in a blizzard!

My garden seeds will be going in the ground this late Spring, God willing. Good clean food to feed people and give them nourishment and the necessary amendments to their diets that will make them healthy. The cry this year will be to EAT and PRESERVE. Eating goes without explanation as to it's necessity. Preserving is something the morons cannot seem to grasp. Winter always follows Fall and then vegetables are gone when the cold gets to them. But we still have to eat and the only way we can do that is to store up what we have produced. Wife says we have a pressure canner and we may do some of that. I don't like it because the seals and jars can run out and then you are up a stump. No seals mean no canning. If you have a big stash of these mighty important little items then you can go for some time with no worry. But it can't last forever. The answer is alternative preservation. Drying, lacto-fermentation, freezing, root cellaring, and the use of oil, vinegar, salt and sugar. You can put potatoes and rutabagas in a cellar and they will keep a long while. Same with cabbages and tomatoes. Study this stuff! Read my wife's blog called The Handmaidens Kitchen. And there are other places to look for data and info. Backwoods Home Magazine is about the best source of food preserving on the market. Some fine writers and some great experience for the general public to peruse. I know, I know, it won't have any articles on Hugh Hefner's latest harem but it has the knowledge of saving your life in it. I also have a book I bought that tells me how to raise things organically and another one to tell me how to save seed. You can read Sally Fallon's book called Nourishing Traditions and learn some neat stuff on Lacto-fermentation. And this stuff needs to be studied! The knowledge is lost to 99% of our people in this country. They are helpless without the system to provide for them. And I mean HELPLESS. Most people don't understand the helplessness of the citizenry of this country. They can't make it without supermarkets and restaurants. Nu Yawk Sity has a 3 day supply of food on hand, Got any idea what they would do on DAY 4 of an emergency? If the trucks don't run the Big Apple don't hum. Simple as that.

So I intend to plant a huge garden this year. More than I have ever attempted before. I will try to save seed that I have never saved before. I will try to feed as many people as I can this year, which I have never done with a garden before. An enormous amount of people. The task is maybe more than I can comprehend but it has to be taken on if we are to stay alive as a group. Thus I once again speak out for group survival. However you can arrange it, do it. We have always lived in tribes, no matter what Obama says. He wants the One World Order and it ain't going to happen. What do you think the Tower of Babel was all about? It was a bunch of men who wanted to conform the people of this world to their image and likeness and they got their asses handed to them. God don't like that crap. He will set up his own order and the little puppies playing rulers on this planet can just forget about that job. And hey, guys, don't feel all that bad. If you paid attention to what I just said then you can escape the destruction that is to come and prepare for it. I know, I know, it's not as exciting as playing Julius Caesar but the life span is a lot longer. So give up your castle or your Whitehouse or your Kremlin or your Forbidden City and start living the simple life like the rest of us do. It DOES have it's adantages.

I just read where Obama has signed and Executive Order halting the trials at Guantanamo for 120 days. That is because all those guys who have been tortured are gonna get off anyhow. He has also signed an EO closing the facility down within a year. There extra time is to find places for these people to go. Some of them can't go home and have applied for sanctuary here in the United States. This is a dirty little matter that needs to be cleaned up and it is being done, or so we are told. Cheney is pissed about this. I am pissed about Cheney. Cheney is gone and I am still here. Love it.

Stay alive.



scoutinlife said...

Good Post., michael have a question what type of beans do your grow on your place?

Natog said...

Good luck with your garden this year! I am going to give one a shot and see if I inherited my Mum's black thumb.

The advantage to heirloom seeds is if you don't think you're going to eat it all you can let it go to seed so you have plenty of seed for you, your family and your neighbors too! Love it!