Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't really feel like writing this morning but I am doing it because there is nothing better to do. I listened to Natog on Big John Lipscomb's show using the on demand function this morning. It cut me off when Natog was getting ready to say something about Rhode Island. Bummed me out. Natog is a prepper with some spark and imagination. I read him every day. He seems like the kind of guy who would get your back. He is hung up right now living in Megalopolis on the East Coast. He has his mother there and other things that he doesn't want to run off and leave. But he will get out eventually, I believe.

Pearls is turning into a real bleeding heart this week. I read her every day but she is testing my patience. She needs to get a little firmer in her preps and to hell with the society that is going down anyhow. Good personality, good writer, seems to be a good mother and wife. She'll come along okay.

The news is all about nothing. No pictures of the damage that Israel is doing to the Palestinian civilians. Obama is issuing policy statements every day but has not authority to do anything about them. The boys in the know said he would be tested on the 22nd of this month and I reckon he will be ready. The powers that be want to pull his trousers down and see if he has lace sewed around the legs of his boxer shorts.

I am getting stretched pretty tight these days. The news is doing it. I get a lot of news HERE. And I will just tell you, there ain't anything good going on. Horrendous unemployment. Businesses shutting down. Countries reeling on the edge of total shut down. Even China has had a 20% drop in export shipments and it looks like it is going to get worse. The USA is getting ready to go so far into debt that we will never get out of it. No way in hell. This country, the greatest debtor on the planet, is going to try to borrow it's way out of this financial morass. Can you believe it? They say they want to save the economy. I say, "For what?" So everyone can go right back to doing the same old dumb shit? And if I can figure this much out sitting back in a holler, then you know the powers that be have it all figured too.

Put your mind in forward gear and think what the powers that be are doing about the inevitable calamity that is going to befall the earth and it's peoples. It's easy to figure out! You are survivalists and preppers! YOU KNOW! They are going to have their Beans, Bullets and Band-aids all stockpiled and ready to go. Only they are doing it on a scale we can't match. We have our pantries we are trying to fill and they have huge underground caverns already bursting at the seams with food for the troops and the power elite, and they have then from coast to coast.

You don't think they are going to starve the Whitehouse do you? You don't think the congress and the cabinet will be excluded from the plan do you? You don't think the super moguls will do without do you? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a little catching up to do. And they will have armament out the wazoo! You don't think they will have all this survivability and leave themselves open to foreign attack do you? If you answered yes then it's back to school time.

Our military will have fuel to run the jets and the tanks and the trucks for YEARS ahead. Don't kid yourself. They know what they have done and they know what they deserve and they are going to avoid that comeuppance as best they can. And they have all of our money to afford their protection. The powers that be will take good care of our armed forces in the near future. They have to because their asses will be hanging by a thread!

And as far as medical care goes, the sky is the limit. They will have a veritable HOST of doctors and nurses and technicians. Their diagnostic equipment will be second to none. Way above our prepping pay grade.

What we do on our little prepper scale they will do on a continental scale. They are not stupid and they want to live as much as we do. Only they ain't helping us a damn bit. We are to make do as best we can. We have to fight the big city gangs that Natog was talking about last night on our own. Don't it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling?

But stay tuned, folks, as Mayberry would say. The story is not over and the plans of mice and men seldom work out like they are supposed to work out. We are the little guys, clutching our Bibles and our guns out here in the country. We ain't much. But I think we have God on our side and that counts!

Stay alive!



ErinAndBrad said...

Hello Micheal - love your blog and I decided to start one of my own to help others with prepping etc. Glad to know you are in Indiana too - I don't feel quite as alone!


Mayberry said...

Amen Michael.... I reckon us preppers, growing in number as we are, might just have a thing or two to say to here in the near future! One can hope, at least.....