Saturday, August 8, 2009


I finished the week on a high note. I got some plants in down below my porch. A couple tons of blacksmithing equipment got picked up in Pennsylvania, to be brought home. I got a tip that the FDIC is going to issue a report that will blow the market to hell and gone. This is to be on the 25th August. The bank run will start the 26th. I am not saying this is true but if the report comes out like it has been forecast you had better not have any money in the bank! A bank holiday will be declared because there is not enough money in the system to pay everyone what they have in their accounts. It will be kick ass time in the world of economics. And it may as well happen now as later. I can't dance and it's too wet to plow. Let's get to the party and see what happens!

I think of the desire to see the collapse of the economy. Why is it that this is coming on a lot of folks? I reckon it is a combination of many things. First and foremost is that we as a people are tired of this rip-off intrusive government we have had for many decades. We want them out of our lives. We don't want nanny dot gov telling us what to do and how to live our lives. We would like to keep the fruit of our labor and not pay it to some criminal organization situated on the banks of the Potomac River. We have more important things to do. We have to get to looking out for our families and friends, that they might be fed and housed. We have to get our firewood cut and stacked so that it will dry and not clog our chimneys with soot and creosote. We have to get our gardens in when the season is upon us and we have the opportunity to grow food for storage. We have to initiate security in our local area to keep freebooters from looting our food and crops and animals. We have our kids to educate and train for their future as well. There is so much to be done and yet we have to deal with these leeches in Washington, D.C. They have connived to separate us from one and the other. If the damn thing would just disappear we could get back to being together and enjoying that camaraderie. We could all get back on the same page and get our priorities in alignment with reality.

But a reorderizing of society is not possible right now. We have debt and jobs and responsibilities. My opinion is that they are the work of evil and why should I or anyone else work years to pay them off. Throw the bills in the wastebasket and to hell with them. You have to hang on to your land as best you can but the other stuff you can start getting rid of. And I know these words are flippant and flamboyant, but they are mean to to get you on the right path. Get out of the system as fast as you can! Get somewhere that can afford you some peace and quiet and security, if security exists any longer. I think that security rests with God and not much else. The world is about to erupt in hunger and violence and disease. Don't be a part of it. The government keeps acting like it is the end-all and be-all of everything and I am here to tell you that is a fucking lie. They have already lost 20% of their tax income and the dumbasses will raise taxes to try to get their income back up to snuff. So we will have a tax rebellion! Beats going hungry!

And if you are living on ground you own and raising your own food, what the hell is the fedgov gonna do? Start taxing you eggs from your chickens? Better to throw the eggs at them than to give them up for taxes. And if they send their henchmen then just have all the neighbors show up and have them bring their smokepoles and face them down. It's just preventing theft. No moral issues involved beyond that. Just wait until the federal tax level drops below 50%. You will see unemployed federal workers all over the place. Washington D.C. will become an enclave surrounded by some very hostile folks who have a lot of food and weapons. Too bad, D.C. You danced the dance and now you can pay the piper. What goes around comes around.

I have one person saying my lack of peppers is from a strange disease that I call the Big Box Disease and two people say it is the weather. So it must be the weather. And it has been especially cool this Summer. Not like Summer at all. Big John was saying that he has had umpteen days over a 100 degrees this Summer and we here in God's country have barley seen 90 once or twice. We did not get the pepper plants in before June. Too damn wet. And it is still pretty moist!

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

I think that's about the best summation anyone coulda put out. That's it, in a nut shell.... And I guess it's a good thing I'm broke, ain't gotta worry about losing any money. What I got left needs to go to cans I reckon. If this goes down like you say (which is a distinct possibility in my opinion), all bets are off.....

HermitJim said...

Gotta admit, I think this post is spot on, Michael!

I guess it's a good thing I'm broke as well, and all my wealth is tied up in groceries and land!

Thanks for the thoughts, my fried!

ErinAndBrad said...

Right on Michael! Great post! I heard tell of the FDIC and the bankers holiday - too bad most folk won't little to me - you know, a woman and a blonde one too LOL! Oh well. Their loss. We got our food water guns and ammo - what else is there?

...chickens too! :)