Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just got through reading Mish Shedlock's article about Whirlpool leaving Evansville, Indiana. It will be kinda strange not having Whirlpool down there is the corner of the state. And I imagine the 1100 people who will be without jobs will find it strange also. I hope they get some type of financial help before Whirlpool takes off for Mexico. I just talked to Mike Kemp down in Mississippi and he has heard that a joint venture between Toyota and GM has shut down completely out in Californicate. It looks like things are going to get a bit tough for folks this Winter. But the globalists don't give a damn and therefore I don't give a damn about them. And Whirlpool stayed long after everyone else left. I'll bet they found there was no loyalty to the country anymore and decided to play the game.

I am concerned about the coming Winter. I have a feeling that it is gong to be a cold mutha. Unless our forecast has changed we are supposed to get down to 50 degrees when we wake up Monday and 49 degrees when we wake up Tuesday. And Fall is three weeks away! I certainly hope everyone has an alternative heat source this Winter. Power lines going down in sub-zero temperature don't get fixed quickly, at least not around here. A wood burner can make all the difference in the world is you have one. And ours will cook our dinner too! Nothing like a hot meal in a warm house when it is snow ass-hole deep to a ten foot Indian outside and the power goes off. The Handmaiden and I like to sleep in a cool or cold room in the Winter but just knockin' around the house during the day with no heat is a bitch. You can put more clothes on but it is a hassle and I don't like to do it, but I damn sure will if the situation calls for it. Rednecks have more sense than to sit around in the cold with not much clothing on.

The Elderberry extract is making and we are getting ready for flu season. Not that I think the flu will bother us but you can't always tell. But we have our extract and our high Vitamin C red peppers and our Vitamin D-3 and that ought to do us, along with our normal sensible diet. You gotta eat to live, not live to eat. My belt I wear had gone from using the third notch to using the 7th notch to maintain my trousers around my waist. Got some more to go but with the help of my wife and my God I will make it to slimness by sometime next year. If it gets too cold I may allow my diet to get a little more carbohydrates in it and use them to stay warm. Carbs are like gasoline. They burn and produce heat, it you use them up. If you don't use them your insulin turns them into fat.

I have been reading articles on the great August they had on Wall Street. It's a slam dunk for a great time for stock brokers. And here is the joyful news to end all joyful news. The market has been led by financial stocks, In other words BANKS. Can you grasp the idiocy of that? Can you grasp the fact that for banks to lead the way there has to be manipulation out the ass going on? Banks in the United States are essentially tapped out. They had to get bailed out, remember? They had to get accounting rules changed before they could continue on in business. They had to be able to call toxic mortgages assets or they were dead on arrival. It's all a stupid game and those instant trade programs are making money off of it. If any of you have money in this system please do yourself a favor and get out. The game is rigged. And the game is run by the biggest bunch of crooks on the screen. These people are worse than serial killers. They are taking down the whole country. And as a last middle-finger-salute they will sell what they can of America to foreigners who have money. One day...dogs and guns...'nuff said.

Stay alive!



Rook said...

Great post, but what do you use Elderberry for? My wife and I found the berries, and boy did they stink.


Ren said...

Well said Mr Boone. Well said. Dogs and Guns. Both madder than hell. Need a good dog, with a nose for shit. That will find bankers and politians both.

Trini Airguns said...

Greetings Mr Boone,
I am a regular reader of your blog, to the point where both you and JW Rawles, have inspired me to begin blogging too. Actually my blog turns one year old on Sep 1st.

Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom.

_Trini Airguns

Ken said...

...yep,i think this fall will begin the final unraveling of our fabric as a nation...a few good winter storms to (un)light the fires...
(unless we get blindsided by a hurricane or two)

ErinAndBrad said...

Michael - great post as usual. I wish like heck I could just stay holed up at home, but for a short time yet I am forced to "go out." This winter is going to be cold - sheesh - 66 today in central Indiana at end of August. I do not ever remember a summer this cool. Do you?? Where is this global warming they speak of hahahhaa! But they do keep chem trailing the heck out of us so I guess that is why it is so cool. take care Michael.