Sunday, August 9, 2009


I got an email yesterday that was a copy and paste of a comment on Jim Dakin's site Bison Survival. It was from a guy in the UP of Michigan. He said, in so many words, that the oil companies in the Gulf Of Mexico were capping off their wells. Supposedly this was because the oil companies were hugely pissed off by Obama's 'Cap and Trade" bill coming up. It is going to put a monstrous tax burden on them. And since the reasoning behind the cap and trade bill is totally false I don't really blame them for being pissed. Here is the comment from Dakin's blog.

Bison, Good post. Better than the rants you have been doing lately. To answer your second paragraph. I told you before that my son is an engineer in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields. He is home now for two weeks. He then goes to Nigeria to work in their oil fields. He says they have spent the last few months capping all the oil producing rigs in the gulf.The oil companies are pissed at the government about the coming cap in trade laws that will tax the hell out of them.We are using the reserves up now. in a month or two the reserves will be gone. No oil from the gulf. All oil will have to come from Canada and OPEC. Look for oil to hit $300.00 a barrel. This winter expect $5:00 a gallon gas and the same for heating oil and diesel. This is not a guess or looking in a tea cup. This is going on now and is pure fact. Most of the boats in the gulf oil field have been sold to Mexico and Nigeria. Most of the oil field workers have been fired or layed off. If you dought these facts check online and verify them yourself. What I can't figure out is why aren't more people screaming about this. There is absolutely nothing on the news about this. Get ready preppers,we are about to get hit big time. Will it lead to the collapse? I don't know. I do know there will be a lot more job losses and a bunch of folks freezing to death this winter. G.C.

And this is big news, if in fact it is true. But I just have to have a little more to go on than this. If anyone can find something to back this up I would appreciate hearing about it.

I am thinking that Obama is the most divisive person in this country. This man angers more people than I have ever seen anyone do. He is a Socialist and very close to a Marxist. His methods are those of a Chicago machine politician. But his talk is a lie. Recently he was quoted as saying the people who made the mess in this country should shut up and let others clean up the mess. But look at the Wall Streeters who are in his administration. Methinks he fudges a bit on his words. He also likes to say the word CHANGE. But there is no change. He is using tired old economic moves of over 70 years ago. He has hired the old Clinton Gang to be his minions. He even has Hillary in as his Secretary of State. He recently sent Bill Clinton to North Korea to arrange the amnesty and release of the two ladies who work for Al Gore's news business. He is not about change. He is, in fact , about the same old shit. And America has sucked it up. They have the wool pulled down in front of their eyes. Shit has a distinctive odor and so does Obama's words.

On a much brighter note, Hermit Jim has got himself some land in Missouri. You can go to and check it out. He has pictures and some details. It is the second blog post from the top. Of course, you're allowed to read more if the mood strikes you. It is something of a triumph to see Jim get this land. I know it sure did make me feel good and the wife was smiling. And the Hermit will share. Just be sure to show up in the morning about the time the first pot pot coffee is coming off the burner. But get ready for a high testimony because Hermit Jim has wanted a decent piece of dirt for quite a while now and God has give it to him. And it is a beautiful place. Congratulatons, Hermit Jim!

Stay alive!



admin said...

Obama is a puppet put in place by the ruling class like the ones before him.

The reason the average American is more upset over Obama than all the awful stuff GW Bush did is simply because Obama is black. This is still a very racist country in some segments of the population.

For example, that bill wasn't just Obama's doing. But you get upset at Obama rather than greedy corporate energy who has been going hogwild with profit and ripping off the American people.

I will be astounded if Obama lives out his term. Death threats to him have gone up 400% over GW Bush who brought down the entire economic underpinnings of this country because of his policies.

Most Americans are too stupid to understand the ones really running the country don't care one way or another about who is Prez. They'll just put another in office, probably one who would pacify the ruffled feathers of the white racists, but still carry out exactly what they want.

talnik said...

Yep. It's all Whitey's fault.

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I was doom and gloom. If we are about to run out of oil in the gulf, then things could be ready to hit the fan faster than I expected. Expensive expensive oil equals angry society. But too bad for society because most are helpless... they've wanted gov't to fix their problems way too long. Gov't has us right where they want us. By the throat.

On the comment about death threats against Obama.... That would be our worst nightmare. I hope nobody touches this guy. Would cause huge racial tension and make him a martyr. Then those in line behind are just as bad as he. I pray for his safety.

Mayberry said...

I haven't heard anything about this capping of wells, and I know folks in the biz... Capped wells in the Gulf are nothing new, they're underground "savings accounts". I got a couple buddies who are crew boat captains (running rig hands/equipment offshore), I'll get with them in the next couple days to see if they've heard anything. Those guys hear EVERYTHING out there...

Oh, Admin, I disagree with your "because he is black" statement. Everyone I talk to is WAY more concerned with his communist upbringing than his color... But then I'm from a rather racially diverse area too, so we tend to overlook that stuff. You need to get back to blogging, I enjoyed yours tremendously....

Western Mass. Man said...

Thanks Mike.
That's all I can think about now.
I had to walk away and check my fuel inventory.... not good.
It's good for Hermit to get the land. Good for him and a wonderful find. My hats off to him.

ErinAndBrad said...

Some nights I am just so tired that I can't take it anymore Michael. I just want to live my life, take care of my husband and family and be left the heck alone. But, that ain't gonna happen is it?