Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Handmaiden came from the garden and told me that I actually have peppers growing on my Cayenne plants. Wonderful! I have a real thing for Cayenne Pepper on my eggs in the morning. Now if I can only get a chicken house built and get me some layers I might be taking care of business. And think of the chicken manure! Talk about enriching the soil! I will be able to grow corn out of this world! Enough to feed those laying hens for sure. And my friend Walter found the plow point you use to make the rows for planting. I will get to use up some of this Bloody Butcher Corn I got from Big John Lipscomb. I am impressed the with sprouting vigor of non-hybrid seed. That stuff really takes off. You can buy bulk seed allotments from Big John at http://www.survivalistseeds.com/. He does not screw over anybody but will not sand for it to be done to him either. He also has his blog going again and as usual he is taking on the system. This time it has been religions. John does not have much for religions. And as far as that goes, neither do I. I have not been saved by Jesus Christ. I do not call him Lord, though I might if I met him. He was the most advanced man on the planet when he was here. The most powerful psychic walking around. Organized religion killed him and organized religion will kill you now! Stay away from organized religion. ALL OF THEM! Stay out of churches and synagogues and other places of evil. After the revolution we will use them for granaries. Jesus Christ never built a church or wrote an epistle. He set up no form and no system. Think about it.

But getting back to the garden, which is all of us' ambitions, I have beans starting to turn Cranberry color. That means the little darlin's are starting to turn a little bit hard and finish off for me to shell out. Another month should be their perfection. And if some critter disaster does not befall them, I should have the damnedest bean crop ever. Those plants have made beans like crazy. I planted about a pound and a half of seed and I might be looking at 50 pounds of dry beans. Not a bad ration. Not bad at all. Soybean farmers ain't getting that kind of return. Our tomatoes are coming on, finally. The Handmaiden is drying them and storing them away. She put some home dried mushroom pieces in her Barley soup and I got to taste the mushroom and it ain't bad. Not bad at all. The Handmaidens wine making is moving right along. I just took a wee dram of Sassafras wine and I like it. We will let it age until the start of Winter and then it ill be very good. Just the perfect thing for a cold night. It will be the perfect topping after a bowl of homegrown bean soup!

I think I already told you about the flu preps we do here but I will go into once again. The wife makes homemade Sambucol, better known as Elderberry extract. You take that as soon as any reports of flu come into your local area or you feel the symptoms yourself. Then you dose yourself with Garlic,Vitamins C, Golden Seal, and Echinacea. Mike Kemp said that ester-C is the best, especially if you are fighting the flu or the flu vaccination. Take what your body will allow. For those of you who are not used to self medicating yourselves, Vitamin C will give you the shits if you take to much. Ergo, this will determine the extent of your dosage. Eat super foods like Blueberries and things of that order. I would tell you to eat lots of Broccoli but most of our Broccoli comes from Dole Foods and they are going to buy all of their seed from Monsanto. Another good product down the drain. If you hear anything different let me know.

Stay alive.




Anonymous said...

I'm curious,please explain your views on religion.What do you believe?I'd also like to know where you got your information,if you don't mind.

Western Mass. Man said...

I'm gonna have to write that down.
Thanks MB

Massachusetts Preppers Network

Staying Alive said...

bigunsfan- My views on religion are basically that of an ignoring person. I don't personally attack religions, much, but I have nothing to do with them. Religions don't exist in the spiritual world. Only the Truth exists in the Spirit. Spirit and Truth. synonymous with the Father and the Son.

Western Mass. Man- Glad you liked it enought write it down. It just sort of slipped out there. Big John made me do it. Hah!


shiloh1862 said...

I got some intel on the closing/capping of oil wells. I am told it is happening in the Gulf. It is supposedly because it costs more to pull it out of the ground than it can be sold for presently.

Also, was told of a couple huge ass oil discoveries that have not made the MSM.

May the Great Creator Bless,


Staying Alive said...

Pickdog-Glad to get the info from the Gulf. Apparently the capping of the oil wells is a real thing.

I do not doubt that a couple of huge oil fields have been found. We ain't out of oil and we ain't in any danger of running out.