Friday, August 21, 2009


Another morning with nothing to write about. So I dutifully open my page and get busy. The weather is to get cold again this weekend. I hear a big cold front is moving in and we are gonna get it pretty heavy. We have a forecast of low 70's during the day and low 50's at night or the weekend. After three weeks of damn near 90 every day it will be something to see our Summer of no heat return. But I have peppers and a ton of beans coming on in the garden and that will be just fine with me. The Handmaiden keeps right on her dehydrating and the volume keeps going up. Lots more beef jerky marinating and getting ready for the dryer. Man, I love that stuff.

I was telling Big John yesterday that I am pretty much ready for a hard time this Winter. I have food and some guns and ammo and some medical and a new wood fired cook stove. Not bad for a poor boy living back in a holler in southern Indiana. The Handmaiden brought me a couple of beans pods from my Cranberry beans and they really looked good. Nice and full and good looking. They should be ready for picking in about a month. I am expecting 50 or 60 pounds of beans from this years yield. Have you ever had 50 or 60 pounds of storage beans in your pantry, beans you grew yourself? I have not, but I am getting ready for it! Non-hybrid seed and vigorous as hell. All I have to do is freeze the little darlings for three days after I do the shell out routine and they will keep very well. I got that tip from Charli Gribble who lives down Alabama way. Damn fine lady. But the thought of having that much bean food is just making my old heart feel all warm and fuzzy. You can get tired of beans but you can't beat the protein you get from them.

Very early in the morning yesterday I got a phone call from my son. He had gotten jabbed by a dirty needle at the hospital. They had flushed out the wound as best they could and took some blood samples to test him. He got a phone call later on from the hospital and their test showed him negative to HIV. The guy who had used the needle did not have it. Thank you GOD!

That is about all for today. Y'all take care and stay alive!

P.S. My wife has for years mashed up her Cauliflower with a hand held machine I bought her and this week she tried doing it to Broccoli. Absolutely great. She added a little whole milk, some butter and a dash of Parmesan cheese. You will like it! Beats the hell out of mashed potatoes.



scoutinlife said...

Glad your son is ok! Have a great weekend!

treesong said...

Glad to hear of your bean bounty; your son's good fortune and the mention of mashed cauliflour and broccoli. We prefer mashed cauliflour to potatoes. Second choice is mashed rutabegas. Treesong

Mayberry said...

Mashed brocolli sure sounds good. I know your stance on 'taters, but maybe some hollowed out 'taters "on the half shell" with a bit of that brocolli mixed in and baked sounds pretty good!

Tattoo Jim said...

If this Southern Indiana rain would let up, it would be even better