Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Nothing much to talk about so this post will not take long. I am going to do a divisions of responsibility in our little 3 person group. Obviously it is not a big thing but it might have ramifications down the line. Let other people call a few plays and it not be me all the time.

The fedgov has dropped it's revenue by 18%. They are having trouble getting the money to finance fedgov programs. Naturally they talk about taking the money from Social Security. You gotta love the fucking politicians. They are scum from the word go. The Democraps are saying the will pass the Healthcare bill in September. Just another thing we cannot afford. My god. Running out of money for the programs we have now and going to pass another trillion dollar tick to put on the dogs back.

The Emir of Kuwait and the King of Jordan are over here talking to Obama and Clinton about getting Israel to go back to the agreements the made in 1967. Fat chance.

Stay alive.




Jacob Gittes said...

Surreal, ain't it?
The fact that people aren't outraged at their tax money being used to finance their neighbor's new pimpmobile is amazing... Cash for clunkers.
Is using tax money to subsidize new cars mentioned in the Constitution?
Real freedom is gone - I think it happened long ago. All that is left is that we are free and prosperous... soon the illusion of prosperity will be gone.'
Better focus on the essentials, and keep your mind free of bullshit.

Staying Alive said...

Can't help but agree with you. These people are a joke.


Jacob Gittes said...

I meant "the illusion that we are free and prosperous."

I need to proofread better before I hit submit!

I highly highly recommend the article at this link.It's a scanned typewritten essay (in this day and age! pretty cool), so be patient while it loads:


Jacob Gittes said...

Better link to the article:

Jacob Gittes said...

Wow- I just found out that the author, Martin A. Armstrong, seems to be writing from in prison. Does that nullify the validity of his thinking/writing? I think not.
The case against him seems strange... maybe he stepped on too many toes... maybe he's a nut. Maybe he's a genius:


HermitJim said...

What gets to me is the fact that so many people actually believe this crap! Do they think for one minute that the dealers are taking money off the cost of these new cars?

That's like the ads that the dealers say "Now with a $10,000 discount off of MSRP..." All a load of crap!

People that are buying new cars deserve what they get!

Staying Alive said...

Martin Armstrong is doing 12 years because the would not reveal anyone associated with him in court. He did 7 years for contempt and then they brought him in and gave him 5 more for the supposed crime he commited. A lot of the guys in finance and trading want him back out on the street. I hedar he is a pretty smart dude.


Mayberry said...

I just wish this shit would hurry the hell up and crash already! Dammit I'm sick of it all...

Sweet, Savory, Sometimes.... said...

Social Security goes into the general fund. Congress keeps track of what goes in and spends it anyway. There is no trust fund. Just a pile of IOU's. All money goes in the General Fund for Congress to spend as as they see fit. Retirement? Sure, as a greeter at Walmart!

ErinAndBrad said...

LMAO - I agree with Mayberry - let's get this party going then maybe we can get our lives back and be out from under the retard's fat butts in Washington! Great post Michael!

Stupidity reigns!