Monday, August 3, 2009


Got an email from emjoe out in Idaho and thought to share it with you. He covers some important points so pay attention.

Pressure Cooker working on Apricot Pie Filling & Jam. Dehydrator working on Apricot Dried Yum-Yums.

Breathing Troubles? Got the Over the Counter Primatime Mist in the Kits.

Poop Plugged? Got the Over the Counter Cherry Flavored Magnesium Citrate in the Kits!

Martial Law Looming? That would really suck, because everyone should READ all their Insurance Policies! Once Martial Law is declared all Insurance Policies go right down the Crapper & nobody is covered, just like when I was a kid living in metro Detroit in July of 1967. See Detroit Race Riot of July 1967, deadliest in the nation, had to bring in US Army to stop it. So your house had an accidental fire the second day of Martial Law, gee, too bad, you ain't covered!


That means your car insurance, your health insurance, your business insurance, everything you have for your kids, is all null and void! It's all gone like a puff of smoke. You might find that hard to believe but it is the way things are. Like emjoe said, if your house burns down, too bad.

I was watching Glen Beck on a video and I have trouble with WHY anyone would bother with him. He cannot get to the point. He dances around issues and never seems to come up with a reasonable conclusion. I think he is making a lot of money on Fox and he wants to keep it coming. Thus he will piss no one off, except for official Fox enemies.

Obama is still trying to put America under tight control. That thing with is an example. They want to ride around in your hip pocket and know everything you do or read or write about. But I remember the preacher in The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne, who got up from his supper and told his wife he going down to the tavern to talk a little treason. They don't want us to talk but we will. The word is going to get out no matter what the Socialists do. The people who want to live in a clean world will have their day. Just you watch!


Another email from a good friend.

Your blog this morning and recent letters got me to thinking (sometimes I need the mental activity). You refer to setting on the porch with the shotgun. I think of that as thinking "inside out". I am trying to orient my thinking "outside in" as a tactical exercise.

What I mean, is, ask yourself some questions about how you would approach your position as a stranger (zombie, by today's slang) with less than honest intentions (like absconding with your bean stash). What would be the best avenues of approach ?

There are many aspects of this, like daytime, night time, how bloody do they want to get (whose blood), how fast of an approach can be made, are they willing to "reach out and touch someone" first, or make a sneaky in close approach, how large of a force coming in, how well trained of a force, weapons available, etc. Forager or scouting force, or Marauder force? How determined are they ? How well trained, militarily ?

And you are thinking 360 degrees around you here. Are there any good fields of fire at most likely approach zones ? And I mean both incoming and outgoing. Is there cover and concealment ? Any good choke points, or ambush sites ? Any place you could set up alarms ? Any barricades that could be constructed ? How close can they get in a vehicle of any kind and how fast ? Remember Cavalry, too.

In times of national upheaval, you may have to consider your support group setting up road blocks or obstacles at bridges or other natural check points on all roads coming into your area. Maybe even a series of them as fall back blocking positions. There will always be some sneaky scouty people who will be able to infiltrate those things, too. If big brother is involved, you may even have to look up.Consider the probability of any of these things happening.

It is a lot to think about. I bet our friend the Elder Dragon could do a good long blog article or so on many aspects of this. Come to think of it, I will Cc: him a copy of this, too. You can use any of this you want, but just refer to me as "a friend" for my own op-sec. I can hear the gears whirring in your head even now.

I was glad to hear emjoe talking about his dehydrator going out there in Idaho. I think those babies can really store up some food for us. For those who have a TRACTOR STORE in their area, they are selling 2 burner cook stoves for a decent price. One model is $179 and another is $249. They have different merits and shortcomings but they will both cook your breakfast. That counts! The $249 model will hold more wood and last awhile, maybe a few hours into the night. Good for kids and water pipes. Stay alive.



Bitmap said...

"Martial Law Looming? That would really suck, because everyone should READ all their Insurance Policies! Once Martial Law is declared all Insurance Policies go right down the Crapper & nobody is covered,"

That is a serious consideration. Usually it is war, insurrection, riot, or martial law, just so they can cover all the worst scenarios.

ErinAndBrad said...

Ain't life just grand now in Amerika? I think about ways to protect our home and many times my head swims!! Ugh...

Jus keep preppin' - its all I can manage!

Smiles to ya!

Dr. Richard said...

This is part of the out for all of the insurance companies. By declaring martial law, the government effectively allows all insurance companies to pocket the premiums they have collected without paying any claims...

HermitJim said...

Very good post with a lot of stuff to think about!

Hell, no wonder we are all getting grey hair...and grey beards!