Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, it may be sphincter pucker time and all those folks who did not listen to us will be trying to get our preps for free, if they can. I aim to hold on to mine, however, so they may as well go look somewhere else. If the market drops big again Monday it is all over but the pictures of guys lynching Goldman Sachs employees. I won't be there because Wall Street is not in Indiana. Wonder what I would be doing if it was? Interesting thought.

I was not going to type a post today except to say that I was taking a month off of blogging. The collapse is in the good hands of Mr. Obama and he will see it to it's conclusion. I have posted over 1200 posts to this blog and the message should have gotten out to whoever wanted to read it. I still owe a recipe for Spoon Bread and I aim to get it out there. Nice change of pace.

Grow your gardens and gather your clans. Stay alive.



Grumpyunk said...

Spoon Bread. Hmmmmmm. The wheat harvest is just getting started here in our area, Michael. Start calling around to the local elevators and find one that'll sell bagged wheat by the lb. One hell of a way to get a shitload of wheat cheap. Yes you have to repackage it and store it in the proper containers so the bugs and critters don't get it. Freezer bags, diotemacious earth and some new galvanized trash cans shouldn't be to big an investment for most of your readers.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,gonna be a long month for us faithful readers.But if that's what you need,then best wishes Bro.


Mo said...

You might be correct. It does seem as if we've stepped off the precipice and the decent has begun - the rate of that fall may take a while to reach free-fall though. In the mean time the elected elite and their financiers will loot what they can before the crunch.

Eventually the wheels will fall off and no amount of accounting magic will hide the deep doo-doo we're in monetarily. Just like Enron - it's a ponzi scheme on a MASSIVE scale.

Mayberry said...

I think you're right. Don't be a stranger eh?

Phil said...

Ya teasin' old fart.
I can't recall ever having any spoon bread but I am damn sure up to trying it.
Keep yourself upright, take care and say Hi to the Handmaiden, ya lucky bastard.
I finally found me a worthy opponent, now I am beating her ass to get her shit together.This could take a while, she has a special needs boy that is 27 and a 12 year old boy who needs some serious mentoring.
I am still going to hammer her ass.
Figuratively and literally.
Sorry, TMI.
I opened the fridge and started in on her to get some satuff put up. I will win, you watch.

Read ya every day, don't quit on me now, dammit.
BTW, tell the lovely lady Patricia to put up a post when she ain't slaving away.She has some good stuff!


Cliff said...

If you hear something I need to know you let me know and I'll do the same.
Cliff in Douglasville