Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have had the thought to praise Mayberry for the good things he has done. Some might seek to bury him but I would rather see him lifted up. He is just trying to live a normal life in a decent manner. He does not try any "Big Me, Little You" bullshit. He talks to everyone in a respectful tone. And he does talk. You can go to Mayberry's site about any time and find SOMETHING to carry you on a bit. It may be a rant or a set of directions on how to build a boat or repair a vehicle, or maybe just some tunes to listen to. And it could be the latest installment of his Blog novel, which is pretty damn interesting. Maybe it will be an update on his garden and a few pictures to show you how he is doing it. He works the hell out of that garden, or maybe I should say it works the hell out of him. He could have the latest news on how the fedgov is screwing us, or how the banks are screwing us, or how the various governments are screwing us. Being male he is always on guard to notice anybody trying to stick something into HIM. He does not go that route. Mayberry likes the ladies. He likes the sea. He was in the Navy and can see the Gulf of Mexico from his house. Every now and them he will whip out a little lesson on how to judge the weather on the coast and he will prove to be right. This guy is a veritable storehouse of knowledge concerning the sea. He loves it and it is his element, his place to really live. He does not charge a cent to benefit from his knowledge in any area where he is fluent. He does not try to hustle the masses or gather a group. He is a pretty clean dude in that respect. He is not trying to become a millionaire selling things to preppers on the internet. He will never get a pile of gold unless he finds it under his tomatoes. But maybe God will run him up on a pile of money and make him rich. Seems like a nice thing to dream about! I have been friends with Mayberry for about three years and he is just a fine fella. A friend to everybody until you prove yourself unworthy. And last but not least I wish to call attention to Mayberry's strong blast at "STARVING THE BEAST" He did a wonderful job with that one and brought some things to peoples attention that they needed to know.

In getting on to a different topic I would like to say that what Obama and the mainstream media are saying about the Gulf oil leak is a crock of shit. Fully one third of Louisiana's Gulf coast is closed. This thing is getting ready to bury us and no one is fixing it. We have a bunch of dumbass fedgov people from the Obama administration leading the fix-it brigade. The only thing these people know about fixing is an election. I lose hope for my country when I see what they are doing, or rather what they are NOT doing. Some 20 year old girl working on her Ph. D. had the idea to stuff the pipe with a special bag and use it to seal the damn thing. But I don't think this is possible because we have not been told the real story about what is going on down there. But do not forget about the troops in Grand Isle and Venice. They ain't got them down there for anything that will benefit you or I. And the number has been bumped to 17,500 troops. That's enough to make things exciting.

And talking about excitement gets me to thinking about a caravan down to the Gulf if the fedgov decides they they want to play. Hell. I like to play too! Get five or ten vehicles full of preppers and head on down there. I'm sure there are some southern guys who would join in with us. We don't want to pass up an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis. If that is a successful tactic of the socialists then we can use it too. And if it turns out to be nothing, well, we can have the biggest beer party ever seen in Louisiana. There will be a lot of good guys to drink with and just think of all the lies we can tell when we get back home. Just something to think about for a few days. I am going to Dinky's in the morning, God willing. Stay alive.



Bill Nye said...


Great post! Things will be fine, Mayberry is a true Southern Gentleman and deserves all of the kind words you typed.

It's nice to see the good side of human nature. Remember money can't buy you love!

cj428 said...

Tuesday night, when berry said he was mobilizing the guard, in three states, I thought the net would be burning up with people denouncing this next step towards martial law, but there was nothing.

Mayberry said...

Wow... For once, I don't quite know what to say. Thank you Michael.

The goings on in the Gulf are a total crock. Tomorrow I'll have a little "inside perspective". Being part of a wildlife organization, we have to take training on dealing with oiled wildlife. The training is put on by.... You guessed it! BP... This should be interesting....

CJ, shame on me, I missed that. Too wrapped up in the oil spill I guess....