Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was going to take a month off, or at least I was thinking about it, but I decided to write a bit more. There are some things that maybe need said.

We just had a little family conversation about what "collapse" means and we seem to be on the same page. We are in sort of a collapse right now, but it could be called an economic slowdown too. When I speak of collapse I am talking about some "wild in the streets" action and not about sitting in front of a TV watching movies and drinking beer. That sort of stuff is being laid off and getting some sit down time to pass the time. When I think of collapse I think of people in the streets and crowds getting a little rowdy. I think of fires and rocks being thrown. I think of looting and robbery. I think about the various governments losing control of the people and the people acting very belligerently and pissed off. And I ain't seeing any of that in this country. We are way too domesticated at this time to do this kind of stuff.

Most folks still have food in the cabinet and the fridge and the freezer. The electricity is still on and there is a can of coffee beside the coffee machine for in the morning. The car has SOME gas in it. The phone still works. The mail comes regularly. The washer and dryer still work and folks have some clean clothes. Not many are hanging clothes on a line in the back yard. Small business guys are still getting diesel to run their equipment. Young people out here in the country still have gas for their four wheelers. Dog and cat food is still being purchased. The kids still get lunch money for school, though it is finally out for the Summer. The mortgage might be a few payments behind but that does not seem to bother anyone any more. They ain't getting thrown out on the street so they go right ahead and keep living where they always have.

In short, we are not in a collapse as yet. Now, I think it may have started this past Friday when the stock market down 324 points. If we get that kind of report this Monday then we may have a real live collapse on our hands. And if pension checks don't roll out as usual and Medicare and Medicaid are cut short then you will see blood in the streets. But the checks keep rolling and the money goes with it and that is the name of the game. No matter how illogical people are in their heads to think that government freebies are forever, when they are stopped then we have a problem like we aint never seen before. And they will stop because the taxes are not rolling in to pay for all of this wonderful bounty. Cities and towns and states are running out of money every day of the week. Illinois has stopped paying a lot of their bills. And you all know about the others so there is no need for me to continue along that line. I have pursued this line of thinking to point out that we are about to meet up with SHTF. And it will not be a joke. No sir. This will be as serious as a heart attack.

A lot of people do not believe this can happen in America. These people will soon get another word added to their name. The word is DECEASED. It is going to happen in America. When your gasoline goes to 15 or 20 dollars a gallon and your electric bill goes by a factor of 4 then you will know of what I speak. And it will not be because of a shortage but because your money ain't gonna be worth a damn. Uncle Sham has been borrowing like crazy these last 20 years or so. We have spent a trillion dollars looking for and trying to kill bin Laden. My, my, ain't we powerful. But we have about run out of good will across this planet and we ain't gonna get to borrow much more money to keep this house of cards erected. It is a STRAW that breaks the camels back. Remember that and stay alive.


Jusman said...

I think most people are just ignoring the reality. As long as there is some gas, coffee, and a roof over head, most people would prefer not to think too much.

I think your readers would understand if you take that time off, you've put so much into this blog. We've enjoyed your writtings and knowledge you have shared with us. If you don't take some time for yourself now and then, you could burn out.

Thanks again.

Western Mass. Man said...

Unemployment benefits are set to be extended again this week when Congress(critters) reconvene on Monday.
I'm willing to bet this is the lynch pin for rioting. I think this is what is keeping many (but not all) people fed while not paying their mortgage and still living in their homes.
Take that away and all hell will break loose.

chinasyndrome said...

Yeah that's about the way I see it going down.


Pete Smith said...

If you keep posting I will keep reading. I love your blog and hope you keep up the good work, even if you have to take some time off here and there. Your blog is one of my every day reads.

Mayberry said...

Commercial real estate is just now starting to tank. That will be a real biggie. And yes, if the market fizzles tomorrow, and the next few days, we'll be getting into pucker time. We shall see...