Saturday, January 31, 2009


I got some comments for Thursday's post and they have spurred me on to greater heights. This one, from Jim Haddix, was an especially good one. Take a look.

I would think that bringing back the Civil Defense Program would be a tremendous shot in the arm for the economy, and the good of the country. In the sense of the medical phrase for doctors to do no harm, this is it. I can see no down side to helping everyone in the country prepare for uncertain times. Perhaps the government could even start a job works program to get it going, like the old CCC and WPA programs. Shelter building and stocking (all made in USA) of shelters, training of the population, setting up a cadre of county civil defense planners. Maybe even a tax break for people who do their own preparing. Where is the down side ? Even the media could get in on it, publishing news about the program, notifying people where their nearest shelter is, airing programs for general population education regarding the aspects of surviving life in this changing times. Could even be some jobs for us preparedness oriented people. I repeat, where is the down side to making this a safer, stronger and better country ? J.A.H.


Not a bad idea. Wont' happen and probably won't work but the thought was there. The thing that will cause failure in the venture is the fact that the people of this country do not believe that what is coming is real and they will be miraculously saved. The folks who make up the masses of this country KNOW that right over the horizon is a fleet of semis loaded with wide screen TV's, Nike tennis shoes, and all the pizza they could possibly eat. And it is coming in perpetuity. We ain't never going to run out of that stuff cause we are too big to fail. Like Lehman Brothers, remember? I think the way life boils down is this: We are on our own. Sad to say, but that way we know who can prep and who can't. I am now figuring we have 1/2 of 1% active preppers and 1/2 of 1% unknown preppers. That would put our numbers up to about three million.

We do, however, communicate. The Powers That Be have not shut down the internet as yet. And I am happy about that. If they do shut it down I will miss reading some fine people but that will just be the way life is, I reckon. But I learned about surviving before there was an internet. I learned about "He that won't work, neither shall he eat." before Microsoft was ever in existence. I learned the eight most important words for describing the state of the world: Them that got, gets, and, Ain't no free lunch. There is a lot of science behind those two statements but the facts speak for themselves. I am simply amazed at the stupidity of politicians of the left or the right and their ways of doing things. You know that Hitler and Mussolini were leftists. Those bleeding heart liberals will kill your ass in a heartbeat.

My brothers in preparation are doing okay. Big John is ready and will make it if they don't overrun him. Charles out in Maryland will figure out when it is time to come to Indiana. The Hermit down in Tennessee will surely do well except he will be scanning for the sounds of gun fire so that he might advance towards it. The Hermit is a gentle soul and full of the love for God, but he has a streak in him that will make your skin leak if you are on the wrong side. Mike Kemp down in Mississippi will come along just fine until his insulin runs out. Bubba Bruce will be okay. I just need his brain here to program the garden. We shall see.That is all for today. Stay alive!



Dr. Richard said...

I'm prepped and ready. Mostly helping others now and teaching them how...

Mayberry said...

Perhaps Mike won't need insulin when proper diet and hard work are the norm! My 30 year old brotherinlaw is diabetic, but it's because he don't eat right and is out of shape.... Lotsa diabetics around here, and they all eat greezy Mexican food 3 times a day. They're bigger around than they are tall.... Yup, the American Dream is killing us all...

But the prepping movement marches on, and picks up steam a little each day. Not nearly enough, but better than nothin'....

Shy Wolf said...

Those big screens and pizza will be here by Sunday, right? I wanna see wut a Souper Bowel look like. (Purposely spelt that way.)
I can see some of the masses falling for the old way of 'storm shelters' from the CD days- we call them FEMA Camps nowadays.
As to the CCW and CCC- they were gov't programs like the infrastructure stuff MBHSO wants to begin now- only white men need not apply. And where's the money going to come from for those programs? Yup. Our pockets.
Keep on preppin, MB- the only way to travel.

mmpaints said...

I'm ready to go too, just waiting on spring for the gardens.