Monday, August 31, 2009


Not a whole lot to say today. I talked to a man in meeting who said he had a word that the economy is going to go up and then collapse. But there was no time frame.

I still have a chicken coop to build! But we will be building here for the next 1000 years so if it is to be then it will happen.

My computer has been out of whack all day today and just got back on track this evening and I have not had a chance to write. I will try harder!

Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Most people assume they have computer problems but in reality they are having OS (operating system) problems.

I highly recommend that you use ubuntu:

Did I mention it is free ? Or that there are 0 viruses, malware, etc..? Oh and unlike micro%&ft it does not come with NSA backdoor pre-installed. But, the majority of folks in amerika are clueless to the fact that the government has a built-in program in their operating system..

Make the switch

Mayberry said...

The "up" is already coming down. Companies are bailing. Banks keep petering out, and more are added to the "oh shit" list all the time. The people ain't spending, they seem to see through the BS on the boob toob news, or they just acknowledge the reality on the street. There ain't no damned "green shoots", unless you're a banker....