Sunday, January 10, 2010


My thoughts this morning are on the seriousness of preparing. I wonder how many people understand the reality of the whole thing. We don't use the term die-off much these days but it can damn well happen. I don't think people understand that things can go away in a matter of three days or less. We have discussed the matter of trucks not being on the road and what it means to us as dwellers of this fair land. No fuel. No food. No replacement for what we buy today. It can get pretty bad in a hurry. And more than likely it is going to happen. I am alright if it does. Are you? Do you have many months of food stored away? Do you have an inexhaustible supply of water? How about an alternative heat source if the grid goes down? Got things for your kids to do to escape boredom? I don't have any kids but I could have some pretty quick if the SHTF. But what we really need to think about is what will we do if any of these things are not taken care of now while we have a chance to get things in order. AND THIS IS SERIOUS, FOLKS. We have about 700 pounds of canned goods for each of us three adults plus two garbage cans of dried beans and rice and some corn and some oats. I grew most of the beans myself. I just don't have any Butter Beans other than store bought and that is a bitch. I love Butter Beans. The uneducated call them Lima Beans. As long as the system is working you can get them in stores in the late Summer and early Fall. Keep an eye out. The crop was delicious last year, which is one reason I am getting low. I eat the damn things and don't replace them! Ignorant beast that I am! What will a man do with no Butter Beans?

And grumbling about the lack of Butter Beans is all bullshit and I am sure you folks know it. What I am grumbling about is the lack of replacing my preps as I use them. Because the day is coming when these stashes of food can save our lives. I have my food in three different places and I am very glad of that. Do you have your food split into different stashes? Can one calamity wipe your food supply out and leave you helpless? Remember, your life may depend on your cunning to multi-stash your food. And the coming days are sure to bring us calamities. Things we cannot imagine happening will happen. Do your have guns and ammo to protect yourself and your loved ones and friends and your food? There are people out there who plan on eating YOUR food if times get tough. Nasty people, to be sure, but they are here with us and we have to learn to deal with them. They think we are stupid for working and stocking up and being ready because they plan on taking everything they need. But that will not work at my house! If you come to steal from us be good enough to bring your own body bag because we don't furnish them. We will let the Possums and the Coons fight over your flesh if we have to dispatch your ass to the great beyond.

You must face reality and recognize the problems we face. I am not saying that we need to run in circles and scream and shout but we need to have some sort of a grasp of what can befall us if this system fails. And it will fail. It will collapse. And you know, you won't be ready when the day comes. There will be something you have forgotten or didn't take care of and it will be lost for the time being. But do not let it be for your main essentials.

I cannot stress too much the importance of getting your preps in order and fullness of supply. You are going to make it or lose it according to how well you prep. And you have to believe this. We are not playing a game. We are serious as a heart attack. We are betting our lives that we can eat when food ain't available in the marketplace. And that is the crux of the matter. We don't believe there will be food available and there is no big organization getting stocked up so we are doing it ourselves. Do you know about the staggering loss of Asia's Rice crop this year? Do you know about the loss of our vegetables out in Californicate? Do you know that other countries that would normally ship food to us will be holding back to feed their own people?

I was reading Ferfal this morning and he had put up a post from someone in the states who had a woman knock on his door crying that she had been raped. To make a long story short, the woman was part of a gang who made their living from taking down gullible people who might try to help the "raped" woman. The guy never let her in and when she found out he was on 911 she got the hell out of there. What are we going to do when the ruse is no longer tried but rather things go to strong arm tactics or gunplay immediately. Like I am trying to get through people's heads this morning. survivalism is serious business. So do not be fooled. It is going to be grim and you had better get used to that idea right now. Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael that was the truth in a nutshell.People just dont seem to be own daughter told her Mom that thinhs are gettin better,a couple of her friends found jobs etc.I know shes just scared,but damn do something,dont just stand there staring in the headlights.I am prppin best I can for all of mine,but as you know aint enough money for everything and body.Sorry man didnt mean to run on,Keep it up Bro people need to hear it!1

ErinAndBrad said...

Very good post and right on. Prepping must be taken seriously as this is and will be life and death. Prepping is life and not prepping is certain death.

Shy Wolf said...

Dang, Michael... I read that letter to Ferfal and had more or less the same impression. Staying alive is damn serious business and the writer was smart in having not only his sidearm in hand, but his wits about him and a sense of distrust.
I'm seeing more distrust in people's eyes these days than ever and people have to wake up to the fact we are living in some very dangerous times.
Whenever someone makes a foolish comment about, "I don't have a CCW so can't carry," I just want to cry. Or pull my hair out. Seriously: what difference does it make when the shit's going down whether you have a "permit" to save your life, or someone else's?
We all need to get the frame of mind that "I need to stay alive to effect any change." To do that, we need to go on the offensive, not stand and wait for the attack to come. And Ferfal's writer did just that. Be proactive rather than reactive- you'll live longer.
God bless.