Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dear readers,

I wrote to you this morning about the seriousness of preparing. Now I ask you to go to and read about the handing over of this country to the Red Chinese. We need another witness to this crime, but things are not looking too good right now. If this story is true we have a major problem on our hands. Lock and load!!!



shiloh1862 said...

I heard months ago that this agreement was in the works. Seems like it will take long to becoming reality if so.

Keep your powder dry!


Mayberry said...

I don't know what to believe, but I don't put this past the realm of possibility either. Those bastards in DC have proven to us that nothing is beyond their twisted imaginations. Either way, I'm always locked and loaded. Bring it on....

Anonymous said...

This started showing up in Feb/March of last year. I ran it back as far as I could when I became aware of it last year and couldn't find anything definitive then. Seems it's all conjecture and hyperbole. No real truth is discernible.
More hysteria and BS than fact.
Chill for now, but don't let your guard down. We have more concrete things to worry about.

Dr. Richard said...

My sense is that this story is false in the sense that Clinton has no legal authority to make such an offer but true in the sense that the Chinese may in fact be making this demand and may be willing to use force to collect in the event of default. My instinct is that this is at the stage of threats being made behind closed doors.

What I do know is that in the event the US chooses to default, either through hyperinflation or outright refusing to pay, there will be severe economic and geopolitical repercussions, including many that may not be expected or obvious at this time.

Think in terms of economic collapse causing governments to fall and triggering wars and armed conflicts throughout the world.

Also, expect severe disruptions in trade and the halt of most trucking and shipping in the US along with the halt of most imports (including oil). Expect empty store shelves and no fuel.

I cannot judge whether such a default scenario would lead to a Chinese invasion of the US. It could be possible but there is also another scenario that our collapse immediately leads to their economic collapse, forcing the Chinese to keep their troops at home to enforce domestic control.

I can also make the blunt statement that even if the politicians try to use eminent domain to pay off the Chinese, it would lead to immediate civil war in the U.S. and it would be exceedingly difficult or impossible for the Chinese to collect anything. This is a scenario that the American population would not tolerate and would resist actively using armed force. Said politicians and their thugs would be dead or in hiding within days of pulling such a stunt. Good luck to them in dealing with the American people - the most armed populace in the world that has bought ~20 million MORE guns and ~10 billion more rounds of ammunition since Obama was elected in November 2008.

Northwoods said...

As we no longer have any representation in this country, we might as well be speaking Chinese as trying to speak english to Washington.
We must take our last stand on our own door steps. The only differance will be the height of the target (Either way we're fucked...)
Lock and load indeed my friend lock and load!!!

. said...

So bogus. If the Chinese are going to do anything, they're going to do what the French did after the Germans couldn't pay up their "war debt:" take land.

Aren't there enough legitimate concerns about State scumbaggery to take into account? Do we really need to listen to the raving guy with foam-flecked lips on that site that looks like an online National Enquirer?

Evil is subtle. It's pervasive. It's mundane. It's banal. It's like a lumbering alligator: it only runs when it absolutely is ready to catch its prey. It's not that time yet.

PaleRider said...

Well Micheal I went there and read the blog site, I will need to find out some claims on it but still worth reviewing and researching.

Selous Scout said...

I have seen this come up before somewhere else. Snopes says it is false. I know they aren't the End-All of knowledge but here is the link to them.