Sunday, January 31, 2010


And very cold "Good Morning" to all of you! Haven't checked the temperature but it is damn cold outside. I have spent my morning reading the blogs, both economic and survival. Reading economic blogs is like reading Alice in Wonderland. You get the government story, put out by Obama and his minions, and you get rational thought from people who have been around a few decades and who say the fedgov propaganda is a bunch of bull. I am like a lot of you in that I have no idea when the collapse is actually coming, but it is coming. Reading the accounts of men who have watched collapse happen in other parts of the world leads me to believe that this experience is not going to be pleasant. Apparently it is but a very few hours before the looters and arsonists are out on the streets and doing their thing. The first hand accounts always talk of murder and rape and looting getting off to a big start. There seems to be no conscience on the part of the criminal element. They do what they want and you die. How simple. I can always hope that I can reverse their little chain of events. They die, my friends are safe and we keep our food. Sounds like a plan.

The next big emergency to befall us is expected to be another real estate calamity. A huge amount of Adjusted Rate Mortgages on homes are expected to go up in their cost of payment and a lot of people are to be evicted. Their houses will go on the market for whatever they will bring, I reckon. But we are also scheduled to see a commercial real estate collapse of a huge magnitude. Empty buildings, empty stores, and empty shelves. Oops. Did I say empty shelves? Not a good thing for the unprepared. Those folks don't want to talk about non-preparedness. They want to talk about things getting back to normal. I figure these folks are just ill informed about "normal" being the reason we are in the shape we are in to begin with. I can remember all those radio commercials I listened to before I lost my pick-up truck. The two women are talking and they want to go shopping but one of them is out of money. The other woman tells her that she can go to the mortgage store and get all the money she needs in a mortgage extension. After just a few minutes the one woman gets her loan and they are off to the Mall and glorious shopping! I do believe those days are over for America. The easy money life is over, America, and you now have to tell your kids about it. If you spoiled them you will find them to be hostile to doing without all the goodies they are expecting. If you have raised them with a lick of sense they will come through in fine shape, if anybody comes through in fine shape. From reading the comments that come in I find that some people are training their kids to hunt and grow gardens. They have a chance. Those that can't hunt and garden will just have to take what life dishes out. And life ain't going to be handing out party favors in the coming years.

The wife is wanting a water filter. You know, the kind with the 0.1 micron filter in them. The kind that can take cow piss and make it drinkable. I saw a home made contraption on for a cheap price, less that $150. Could be the way to go for those in need. You only get about 3 days if you don't have water, then you die. If you have a pump and well you are in pretty good shape if you can keep the electricity to the pump. Electricity is going for a premium price in the future. Having something like a grade A water filter can be a big benefit if the power goes out. You must have good drinking water or you are a lost puppy. The puppy that gets tied in a bag and thrown in the river. And some of those diseases you can get from bad water are not a pleasant way to go. Pretty pathetic in my estimation.

Our pal Dan the Man, up in Toledo, Ohio, has wiped his blog and is not around to answer his phone. I am bothered by this. You can check his site out at . Dan is generally around if you want to chat or find out the latest. If anybody contacts him let me know so I will be at peace.

Y'all stay alive and I will try to be here in the morning.



Mayberry said...

Maybe Dan read Atlas Shrugged... It is spooky when bloggers disappear without warning, especially ones who post pretty regular. Cold and gray down here this morning as well, though not as cold as y'all are. Hovering around the 50 mark. It was in the 70s before the front came.

Unknown said...

Why do you have to have a pump that relies on electricity? Why not instal a good old fishioned hand pump??


Andrea said...

We have one of the homemade filters, "Monolithic" as referenced by Ol Remus. It arrived the same day our well was struck by ironic! There's enough free water around here that we should be able to survive without running water. I just need to pick up an extra filter or two, just in case.

Andrea said...

PS...Dan's site is still up...



Who knew "THE" could make such a difference!

Michael French said...

This is a very good 8 part youtube presentation I only disagree with the over simple solutions offered the rest is very good.

Stuff we know but some good detail.

Loco Gato said...

Check out this water filter. I haven't tried as of yet but it does look interesting to say the least. Maybe add some charcoal?

Unknown said...

If you have a well you dont have to have any kind of pump you can simply drop a bucket tied to a rope down the hole and pull water bacck up. You will have to weight the bucket with something so it will sink.