Sunday, March 29, 2009


The pressure in the pipeline is building up and I feel to wrote a bit more. Sometimes I don't think you can hold any more, but then you say you can so here it is.

I got a personal phone call from a Staying Alive reader admonishing me to keep on writing. I will try to uphold that thought. Listening to Max Keiser makes it a lot easier to write. That line about tearing the heads off the bankers and shitting in their necks was just about the highlight of my morning. Max is definitely a wordsmith of great talent. And before I get jumped on for excluding a lot of other human scum who need the head and neck and shit treatment, I have not forgot them at all. But I am enjoying the wonderfulness of Mad Max's words. I reckon you all know that Wall Street has to be joined by Washington, D.C. in this little punitive exercise. Oh! Don't lose track of where Hank Paulson, ex-secretary of the Treasury is hiding these days. He needs to swing from the same street post as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. That will be a busy street one of these days. A lot of guys we all know and hate will end their days there.

The same old gang that robbed us once is robbing us a second time down on Wall Street. And they are doing it right in front of us. The reward is that great. Will our children and our grandchildren be the same kind of congenital rip-off's that we despise so much right now? What is life trying to teach me right here?

The Texas Preppers Network has an article up that explains why the idea of American guns being such a menace to Mexico is a joke. Read it at It's the top story. A well done article put up by a prepper, of course.

I admonish you to keep what the good God had given you.

Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?



LuciferWar said...

Reading your comments about Max being a fine wordsmith inspired me to share this recitation of some of the finest wordsmithery ever verbalized. True poetry.

Mayberry said...

I'm doing everything I can to get folks to grab their pitchforks....

ErinAndBrad said...

All I can say is Lock and load ya'all! Glad you are still here Michael.

Nairb said...

Keep it going. The fact that you keep posting is encouragement for the rest of us who are seeing the same things. And thanks for your comment the other day.